Am I the only one who is perfectly fine with Bran being King of the Seven Realms? 

He’s the freakin’ three-eyed raven. He knows their past, so he will never repeat it. He sees all and is wise beyond his years.

He’s said it before. He wants for nothing. The best person for the job is the person who doesn’t want it. He seeks neither greed nor power, so he will never be cruel or betray his people.

He listens to counsel and takes support and help from those around him.

He is just and kind. He doesn’t sentence Jon and Tyrion to death. He gives them a second chance to prove themselves and face punishment and duty in life. He shows mercy, something that previous kings and queens sorely lacked.

And like Tyrion said. It’s good that he will father no children. Because now they can start anew, electing good and just leaders in the future instead of the throne being given by birthright.

They finally broke the wheel.

Hail Bran the Broken!

Jon: Love is the death of duty. 

Very ironic considering, minutes later, Dany is admiring her throne and is about to sit down, but doesn’t get the chance because Jon appears. She turns her back on her throne and her “destiny” for Jon and for love.

*Dany addressing her people in Kings Landing telling them about how she wants to “break the wheel”…and yet she’s dressed in all black looking like a cult leader/dictator telling them that the “war” is not over until they’ve taken over every land and killed anyone who stands in their way

Tyrion, Jon, and Arya looking around like…



The white horse was such a cool element.

Could represent so many things. 

Is it merely a spooked horse whose rider died? The Dothraki and the Kings Guard both had white horses.

Was it a gift from the Lord of Light? Melisandre has been intertwined with Arya in the past and now she’s dead. The Lord of Light looking for a new Melisandre?

A symbol of a heroic warrior? Because in ancient times the most brave fighters always received crowns of laurel and white horses.

Or a symbol of death? Because it could represent the horsemen of the apocalypse.

Beautifully shot scene.

Awww…That little moment between Papa Hound and Arya where he tells her revenge isn’t worth dying for and how she shouldn’t end up like him. 

And then she thanks him and calls him Sandor. 


What a nice relationship arc they’ve had, from Arya loathing him and putting him on her kill list to realizing maybe she’s misunderstood him to them actually being friends and him being a father figure to her.

Can we talk about the slaughter of Kings Landing?

Dear Lord, I got so emotional.

When the innocent people were crying out in surrender. The eery silence of the troops paused in war. People screaming and begging: Ring the bells! Ring the bells!

It’s like the dark before the dawn, the breath before the fall, the eye of the hurricane.

The relief you felt when the bells began to chime. 

And then when Dany, who feels so alone at this point - grieving the loss of her child (dragon), her compass (Ser Jonah), and her best friend (Missandei) and knowing Jon doesn’t love her romantically - sees the Red Keep - the symbol of her family’s destruction and the pain and trauma she has suffered through to get to this moment - and you can feel how triggering it all is for her and she just loses it, unleashing horror moments later. Like a beautiful betrayal.

The way they shot it from the perspective of the citizens of Kings Landing. The sheer magnitude of the destruction and seeing the bloodied and charred bodies of women and children. 

How it didn’t seem like a “game” any more. How it made your stomach churn. How it sparks the feeling of “no honor in war.” 

It was just filled with revenge and bloodlust.

And then when we began to follow Arya on her journey to get out alive. The sheer shell-shock of it all. It was like one long extended slow-mo war shot where the destruction and death surrounding someone is drowned out in a kind of ear ringing white noise. Like a nightmare dressed like a daydream. A mirage you can’t blink away.

My heart was just pounding until Arya rode off on her white horse.