In the wake of the ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris and around the world, many people have callously have been saying things like, “Yeah, so, how are prayers and hashtags and messages going to fix anything?” or “If you put a French flag filter on your profile photo, you’re just an attention whore. Yay, False Activism!”

To those people I say, what are you actually doing?

ISIS is a smart, technologically savvy, evil, and dangerous organization. 

Everyday American citizens can’t charge the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, swim their way to Syria, march up to the headquarters of ISIS, and gun down all the terrorists in a single day. 

That’s not how it works.

It will take an extremely strategic, calculated series of planned attacks executed by the militaries of many nations, united together, to bring ISIS down.

The only thing us everyday people can do, especially those who do not live in the areas that were attacked, is send messages of love and support. 

In the words of Mr. Colbert:

People are trying anyway they can to show support, however small, to the people of France…Anything that is an attempt at human connection in the world right now is positive.