What most schools don’t teach…

“Everyone in this country should learn how to program a computer…because it teaches you how to think.” -Steve Jobs

While some think this video is utter bull…I would have to disagree.  In fact, having these geniuses, moguls, and creative developers encourage younger generations to wake up, strive for better and learn something new, is a fantastic idea.  

Now will everyone who watches this run out to become a professional coder. Probably not.  Should everyone? Well…no, we still always need people to fulfill other positions in the world.  

But, does this video spur and spark a conversation about education and learning? Yes.

Does it offer encouragement for those who will attempt and push themselves to explore these seemingly daunting technological feats? Yes.

I think it’s important that in our fairly new technology driven society that everyone, especially those of us in college about to join the real world and look for jobs, have a knowledge and understand of computers and computer sciences.

Even if it is basic…learn something and become accomplished.

Develop a vast, diverse, and complex repertoire of skills.  The more you know and can do, the more likely someone will be willing to hire you.  

In this economy, it is extremely important to showcase how driven and multi-faceted you are to employers because they would be more inclined to hire someone who has abilities to conquer in one job, what would have only been accomplished by two people.

For example, I myself am majoring in English-Rhetoric and Professional Writing.   But, that’s not all I am nor does it encompass all I have studied.  I’m not defined by this one aspect.  I also have a Psychology minor and minor in Journalism.  

So, throughout my college years I have become not only a writer, but a published writer, a journalist, reporter for my college newspaper, and blogger.

I am constantly working on my novel and play ideas, and am dabbling in musical writing and screenplays.  

I’ve mastered the use of multiple programs by making everything from mini-documentaries to editing/cutting my own movies from footage and pictures of my travels/life.  

Taught myself sound/music creation through audio programming, by making my own mock-radio commercials, and sound bytes.  

Learned photography camera work and composition skills.  

Studied aspects of visual design and made competition-winning advertisement work for displays and websites.  

Also, I needed to find a way to demonstrate the myriad of skills I have worked hard to achieve, to future professionals who would hire me.  So, I developed the abilities for minor code work to create my own blog, online portfolio and website—to display writing, photography, advertising work, and media projects.

I believe that in order to achieve your dreams, no matter how big, you have to work hard in order to actualize them.  That means getting off your butt and acquiring as much knowledge and as many skills as you possibility can.  

So someday when you’re working your way up, in an interview for your dream job, pitching your big concept to your boss, or presenting a proposal of your creative work…you will know in your heart that you did everything you could to succeed.