This little girl is AWESOME!!

I have been saying for years how absolutely ridiculous standardized testing can be. How harmful it is to the well-being of children, not only academically, but physically and emotionally. How it is not an accurate judge of one’s true intelligence, worth, and abilities. 

And I think she totally hits the nail on the head with her argument.

It’s absolutely worth a watch!

Also, to all the haters out there saying, “Her parents probably wrote her speech for her”: No, I don’t know if she wrote that 100% by herself. 

But, personally, I think she seems like an incredibly intelligent, precocious, passionate, and eloquent little lady. And it is highly plausible that she did write her speech. 

Children are absolutely capable of formulating their own opinions and developing a well-thought-out argument. I know, at her age, I was discussing the 2000 Clinton/Bush presidential election with classmates at the lockers and writing 10-page research papers.

Believe it or not, some kids are actually incredibly mature and often smarter and more advanced than adults give them credit for. Don’t underestimate them.