Vampire Diaries: The Day I Tried To Live

Elena wanted to throw a birthday party for Bonnie, even though Bonnie wouldn’t be there for it, because it’s “what Bonnie would have wanted.”Yet, if memory serves me right, when Bonnie and Damon “died” and were sent to Kai’s twilight-zone-prison, she only seemed to be upset about Damon. (i.e. taking hallucinogenic herbs, going off the deep end, erasing her love for him) 

And the fact that, except for Damon, pretty much no one (especially Elena) has been actively trying to find a way to bring Bonnie back until now. 

Compassionate, selfless, Season 1, non-whiny Elena…Come back to us.

Steroline looked for BonBon’s teddy bear together. Stefan helped Caroline deal with her anger. Stefan made Caroline smile.



Kai, since the merge, absorbed Luke’s feelings/remorse now. 

"For the record I would have been fine with all of Luke’s qualities. The hair. The whole gay thing…" 

That scene with Kai describing how he cried for the first time seriously had me rolling on the floor laughing.

And I have to say, for me, Kai is one of the best things about TVD right now. 

Seriously, not joking. He is so snarky and has such a dark sense of humor. Very Season 1 Damon. Also, the fact that he took on Luke’s compassion, empathy, and emotions when they merged, makes me love his character even more. You know….now that he’s not a psycho-killer sociopath.

And to those Kai haters out there who want him dead or gone: Hold up! Let’s review the facts. Kai clearly had a chemical imbalance in his brain, was mentally ill, and killed 4 family members. Then, he absorbed Luke’s ‘good guy’ traits and began to feel remorse for all he had done. He couldn’t bring himself to kill Liv. (By the way, excellent acting in that scene where Kai was struggling with himself, Chris Wood.) Also, even when he was bleeding out and dying, he still pushed himself to use his magic to send Jeremy over to help Bonnie. 

People can change. Clearly Kai is.

And if you’re hung up on the whole “He’s evil and killed 4 of his family members!” thing, I’d like to remind you that Damon and Rippah Stefan have been sucking the blood out of and killing countless innocent people since the Civil War times…And we all still love them. I rest my case. 

Petition to keep Kai around as a regular character! 

Bonnie’s back!!!!!!! YEEESSSSS.

And, after the most stressful and emotional carbon-monoxide-fueled two minutes ever, she didn’t go through with killing herself! 

Can I also give mad props to Kat Graham for delivering the performance of a lifetime this episode? 

The parts that really got me were the drinking-and-crying-over-her-birthday-cake scene and that attempted suicide scene.

I thought the part with Bonnie watching videos of her and Damon was telling of the future. 

She and Damon never really got along before they went away to Kai-land.

I think, after spending so much time together every day in that repeat-90s-hell, we’re going to have some seriously awesome Bamon friendship moments when Bonnie returns.

Did I mention how Kai called Damon and Elena out on all of their individual out-of-character problems and the confusing issues with their relationship that us fans have been saying for forever?

Kai: Pure, human Elena dated the good Salvatore, then became a vampire, stopped caring about right and wrong, and started dating the bad one.

Jeremy: So, we should just trust the guy that changes personalities overnight? 

Kai: Think of it like Elena in reverse.

But, Damon and Elena seem to be less dysfunctional now that she erased her memories and is more like her old self. They’re starting over fresh and making new memories. 

Also, did you see that HOT make-out scene?! Through all their problems, you can’t deny, Delena has got red-hot chemistry.

And I’m sorry, but the ‘Enzo and Matt stalking the Salvatore girl,’ ‘Liv and Tyler,’ and ‘Jeremy leaving’ story-lines are so boring…

Until next week, my little vampcakes!