Vampire Diaries Live Blog: “A Bird in a Gilded Cage”

Caroline’s controlling, planning, OCD is magnified 10-fold without her humanity.


Also, Caroline’s a drama major? Did we know that already? Very fitting. She has a beautiful singing voice. Plus, she has enough real-life vamp drama to go method and draw from the emotions of her experiences.


I love how sassy, snarky, game-for-anything, Damon-ish Stefan is without his humanity. He can be a little too serious and focused sometimes. It’s a nice change of pace to see him with a different dynamic. I mean, he’s a crazy ripper and will eventually have to flip the switch back, but for the time being, I like it…

But, I’m hoping this time, when Stefan flips the switch, it will be different. I think Damon should be Stefan’s emotional trigger. They’ve grown a little wiser and closer together in the last few seasons. And we’ve seen how much they rely on one another and care about each other, now. For example, the touching scene when Damon came back from the prison world and the first person he visited was Stefan. Or when that Stefan went to Damon for advice about his love for Caroline. 

I think the ultimate character and relationship growth of the whole series is their brotherly love. And I know people are obsessed with their ships, but my favorite part of TVD has and will always be the development of Stefan and Damon’s relationship. They went from practically despising one another and fighting over women (i.e. Katherine and Elena) to helping one another and not giving up on each other (i.e. when Damon was the “bad guy” and upset that Katherine had never loved him and when Damon helped save ripper Stefan) to caring about one another and being each other’s anchor.

Alaric and Jo are thinking of baby names!

*Damon breaking and destroying everything with an iron poker*
Elena: What are you doing? 
Damon: Finding an outlet for my rage. 

Poor Damon. He dug his own grave by bringing Kai to apologize to Bonnie, which backfired and now she won’t speak to him. His mother isn’t who he thought she was and is trapped as a ripper in a 1903 prison world. Kai and the covens probably don’t want to let her out. And he can’t talk to Stefan about any of this because he doesn’t want to taint Stefan’s memories of their mother. Plus, Stefan shut off his humanity and is gonna go all kinds of rippah-crazy. 

Use Mama Salvatore as an emotional trigger to bring Stefan’s humanity back? That’s just crazy enough to work. 


Although, I have to say, I’m kind of rooting for them to free her and bring her to 2015. I am SUPER curious as to what their mother is like and who she is as a person. I want to see her relationship with Stefan and Damon and see how she deals with the modern world considering she’s been stuck in 1903 for a century.

And who knows, maybe the whole ripper thing was a misunderstanding or maybe she was framed or wrongly persecuted? (That’s sounds like something Katherine would do to someone…) Or maybe a hundred years in prison taught her control? Or, even if she still is a ripper, maybe she was only as bad a Stefan is now and, when he switches his humanity back, he can teach her how to control it?

YAY! Looks like Damon and Bonnie are on the mend, now that he apologized and explained he was trying to get his mom back and solve their Caroline/Stefan no-humanity problem.

Kai: I’d have to read through years of ancient texts, undo countless cloaking spells, and oh wait…the ascendant was in my pocket the whole time!

I like how, now that he’s not psycho, Kai is doing whatever it takes to help others and right his wrongs. Good character development. Plus, he always provides excellent comic relief.

Stefan to Caroline: When I’m done with you, you’ll be drowning in mistakes…This is me undoing your routine. Forcing you to let go. One day at a time. Until you break.

Welp. Ripper Stefan has arrived.

I have to say Caroline kind of deserves Stefan messing with her. Don’t get me wrong, I love Steroline’s friendship turned romance. I hope once they find their humanities again that they explore a relationship together. But, I have to say, Caroline forcing Stefan to flip switch out of revenge was a bad move. I mean, she doesn’t care now, without her humanity, but later she’ll have to realize how selfish and awful it is to make a known-ripper flip the switch. There’s gonna be some serious guilt and regret for both of them when this is all over.

But, I love that Caroline is like, ‘Two can play that game.’ And then she started messing with him right back. Get ready for World War Steroline.

Elena: I have to meet the woman who gave birth to the two epic loves of my life.

Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t mention to Mama Salvatore that you’ve been withboth her sons…

Alaric, don’t start working with Enzo. Ugh. I can’t stand Enzo right now. What happened to the Damon’s-badass-buddy Enzo we use to love? Going after Sarah, messing with Matt…I’ll take boring and pointless story-lines for 100, Alex. 

Damon/Stefan baby photos…

Elena: How did you end up here Mrs. Salvatore? 
Damon: Mrs? 
Elena: I don’t know what to call her!

I love how awkward and polite Elena is meeting the mom for the first time. 

Damon is seriously bitter, and rightly so, about his mommy leaving him and Stefan with their awful father to go off scot-free, galavanting around, and ripper-ing it up. Also, does anyone get the vibe that Stefan was her favorite. She’s was very complimentary and inquisitive about Stefan, when her other son Damon is standing right in front of her. And then, when he said about them going to 2015 to help Stefan she said, “Of course, I’ll help. I’d love nothing more than to see him again.”

No wonder Damon has trust and love issues and can sometimes be an unapologetic jerk. For the majority of his life he’s probably known that his mother loved him least AND THEN the first woman he ever loved, and pined after for 100 some-odd years, never loved him (*coughKatherinecough*). And let’s not forget Elena originally chose Stefan. Damon’s kind of messed up because he’s always been the second choice. Nice character rationalization and development, TVD. 

Is that an ascendant in your pocket, Kai, or are you just happy to see Bonnie?

Does anyone else think Kai likes Bonnie? Like, like likes Bonnie. He keeps saying how thinking about her keeps him up at night. I mean, I’m not sure I’d like the idea of TVD pairing them together, if that’s where they’re headed with this. He did, after all, tortured Bonnie. I’m not sure she can forgive him and she shouldn’t have to after what he put her through. Plus, he still has anger issues. They might work together in a kind of fine-line-between-love-and-hate way after some forgiveness and time. I do love the idea of his character being a series regular though. He’s not crazy anymore and is trying to be a good person. And do remember there were a times when Damon and Stefan have been crazy, rude, killing-machine, jerks and they’ve turned themselves around time and time again. I believe in Kai. I think he’s changed.

Who the hell are these creepy ass “traveling companion” vamps Mama Salvatore has kept dried up in the cellar?! And also, can we please not let them out.

I’m not sure I fully trust Lily. She’s pretty much proven herself to be mental. And clearly she was locked up for a reason. Hopefully, she can help Stefan and Damon and develop her relationships with them. But, still. I’d be sleeping with one eye open if I were them.

Alaric to Enzo: Damon really spent five years in a cell without killing you.

I kind of like Enzo and Alaric together. Alaric is sort of a moral compass/reality check for Enzo’s crazy, like he is for Damon.

Speaking of Damon, does he know his two BFFs are hanging out without him?

I love how strong and clever Caroline is. Not many can go toe to toe with ripper Stefan.

If the ascendant was with Mama Salvatore then why were Bonnie and Kai being lead astray?

HOLY CRAP. I think I know why NOW. Bonnie wanted to separate herself and Kai from the others so she could STAB KAI! 

WHOA. HELLO! Was not expecting that. Stefan and Caroline, you dirty birds! 

Hot scene, but I’m kinda bummed that the first crazy make-out turned love scene between Stefan and Caroline was them without their humanities. One of the reasons I LOVE Steroline is that their relationship has been a slow burn. They started out as friends and then it turned into something more. For them to go from zero to sixty is illogical. And I have a feeling this might make things awkward and complicated between them once they get their humanities back.

Mama Salvatore: [talking about her creepy dried up vamp friends] They’re my family.

Ouch, you could see the look of hurt on Damon’s face. Stefan and Damon are supposed to be your family! Blood is thicker than water. You’re just cold, Lily.

Bonnie left Kai in the prison world. Literally, she stabbed him in the back and then left him there, just like he did to her. Talk about closure. Good for you Bon-Bon. Although, my heart was breaking when Kai was screaming “Bonnie!” as she left him. I think old Kai truly deserved it but new Kai, maybe not so much.

You can definitely tell that Damon and his mother’s relationship is strained. I hope they explore their storyline as they, hopefully, mend their relationship, grow, and learn to love each other. That would be nice. And she’s sort of trying to reach out to him. She told him she had to run away at the risk of her bloodlust taking over and her killing her own sons. She asked him to teach her how to use the computer. Maybe him showing her how to adapt in the modern world and them both working to save Stefan will bring them closer together.

AAAAAAAAA!!! Poor Kai. He’s gonna become a human blood-bag for those vamps in the 1903 prison. I don’t think they’ll kill him because he’s their only source of blood. They’ll probably keep drinking from him and reviving him. The optimist in me hopes we haven’t seen the last of him because I’ve grown to like his character and TVD would be stupid to get rid of one of the best things about Season 6. I mean, come on, you keep these boring Enzo story-lines going. Kai is way more interesting and fun. 

Uhhh. Elena. Damon. You’re making out and Mama Salvatore is right upstairs…

Stefan certainly showed Caroline how fun the dark side can be. So, I guess we’re gonna have ripper Stefan AND ripper Caroline, now.

*Damon and Elena making out* 
Damon: Bon-Bon

We interrupt this Delena make-out session for an important, adorable, touching Bamon moment…

OH, COME ON! Not ‘the cure’ again! I thought we were done with that!

That storyline is so one season ago… 

But, it was a very sweet, thoughtful gift that Bonnie gave to Damon and it shows how close their friendship is that she was willing to search for and bring him back something that she knew was one of his greatest desires and that would make him happy. FRIENDSHIP POWER LEVEL UP!

Plus, everyone is fully vamped and fairly happy now with their lives and their respective ‘forever’ relationships. I don’t think anyone is going to want it. Twenty bucks they end up using the cure on Mama Salvatore to keep her from eating people.

Aww, man. We have to wait until April 16th for new episodes?!

Until next time, my little vampcakes!