Vampire Diaries: I'll Remember

Season 6 is here!! 

And may I just say…Awesome First Episode!

It was really interesting to see the different ways in which everyone was dealing with their grief and pain. The psychology of it all was fascinating.

Steroline is still a no go. Jeremy has turned to boozing and womanizing. Elena’s drinking some Puff the Magic Dragon juju juice to hallucinate Damon. Tyler is back to struggling with his anger and triggering the werewolf gene again. Stefan has run away and given up. Damon and Bonnie are “dead” “somewhere” and no one can figure out how to get them back. Matt, Jeremy, and Sheriff Forbes are the only ones who can step foot in Mystic Falls. And everyone is splitting up and going in opposite directions and basically falling apart.

But, Alaric is back…WOO! And Caroline is as adorable as ever…working hard to bring everyone back together and un-anti-magic Mystic Falls. There’s our girl! You Go Glen Coco!

But, all of that PALES in comparison to the last scene of the episode.

I mean it was only like a minute long, but still. Best scene of the whole damn hour.

Accurate account of my reaction and thought process during the last 45 seconds or so of the episode:


Where are they? (They were playing Collective Souls’ ‘Shine’ and there was particular emphasis on the lyric “Heaven let your light shine down” and everything seemed to be bright and happy…Are they in “heaven?”)

Also, are they trying/wanting to come back? What are they doing?…You know, besides having a breakfast of champions…

By the way, their chemistry is amazing…Are they good friends now? Because they’re acting like an old married couple.

Damon makes pancakes for her “everyday”…How long have they been in this place?!

And did I mention…Damon…makes pancakes…for Bonnie…everyday…

Just adorable…

Also, are they vampire and human, vampire and witch, human and witch, human and human, ghost and ghost?! 

We’ve waited all summer and still don’t have a clue what’s going on. 

I HAVE so many questions! TVD writers, you got some ‘splainin to do…

So pumped for the rest of this season. I’m also especially intrigued by the Bamon storyline right now! 

And if you’re not as excited as I am, well, then I’m sorry…

I can’t here you over the vampcakes…