Vampire Diaries: I Could Never Love Like That

Hi. My name is Caroline. I enjoy throwing parties, keeping things clean and organized, killing people, and karaoke!

Enzo knew Mama Salvatore back in the day and she’s the one who turned him into a vampire!

Damon: Lemme guess one of them’s blonde and the other likes turning people into human Pez dispensers.

Mama Salvatore asked Elena if she missed being human. Elena found out Jo is pregnant and got a sad look on her face because she realizes she’s never gonna have that. She saw the destruction that was left in the wake of Stefan and Caroline’s wrath and was reminded that a part of her will always be capable of such bloodshed. And Matt basically said that he’d rather die than be a vampire and doesn’t like or want to be friends with vampires. 

With Nina leaving the show for good, this is all foreshadowing Elena taking the cure and being human once more. 

But, what about her love for Damon, you say? Not only will she not live as long as Damon nor be able to have children with him, one of her main reasons for taking the cure to live normally, but I believe the writers are using Damon’s selfishness against him. He hasn’t told her Bonnie brought back the cure. Elena believes Damon is her one love that would do anything to make her happy. And with her old memories of the majority of their relationship gone, I think him keeping the cure from her will be a tipping point and she will leave him and everyone to start fresh somewhere else. 

Either that or they’re going to permanently kill off Elena. Which I think might be better, in a way, so that there’s a sense of finality and closure for the other characters in the future season(s).

Mark my words on all of this. Just sayin’. I’m usually really good at guessing what will happen next on my favorite TV shows.

Lily Salvatore basically told Damon that she’s lost her old self, she’s never going to be the same, and she doesn’t love him or feel anything for her sons. Ouch.

Can I just say, for the record, that I was right. Damon brought Stefan back! 

It may have been Lily’s mouth that was saying the words, but Damon told her what to say and was pulling the strings. Damon poured all his love for his little brother into those heartfelt words that he came up with to get Stefan to flip the switch and come back to him. So, technically, it’s Damon, and Damon’s love for Stefan, that is Stefan’s humanity. 

I just love the Salvatore brothers and their relationship SO much! Always been my absolute favorite part of TVD. 

Forget “Team Stelena” and “Team Delena,” I’m forever Team Salvatore!!

Stefan’s got his humanity back and he is going after Caroline!

Poor Matt. He has literally almost died so many times. I don’t blame him for wanting nothing to do with vampires, not wanting to be their friend, and not even accepting their blood to heal him, after all the pain and problems they’ve caused in his life. Mad respect for you, bro. Sticking to your principals. Love ya, Matt.

Also, hopefully Matt does make it and get better or else Tyler is screwed!

Lily’s creepy, tea party buddies are heretic hybrids that are both witch and vampire, with an unlimited source of magical power on the witch side that they draw from their vampire side, which makes them the most rare, most dangerous, freakiest freaks-of-nature that ever lived. Worse than Kai. Worse than Klaus. 

How do you even kill a witch/vampire? We’ve only just discovered they exist and a whole coven of witches found the only solution was to lock them in a prison world. They must be nigh unstoppable.

But, no worries, because they’re in the prison world. So, all we need to do is destroy the ascendent. Now, where did that silly ascendent go?

Oh wait. I remember. Damon gave Lily the ascendent, in exchange for her help with bringing Stefan’s humanity back. 

You know, Lily. The leader and caregiver of the freaks, who wants to bring her “family” with her to this modern time. 

And by the looks of it she is two steps ahead of everyone, back in the prison world, and well on her way to unleashing the horror of these mutants upon the world.

Can we have a tradesies, then? 

Put weird Lily, who has tried and has no love for Damon and Stefan (and she clearly never will), in the prison world forever with her freaky, hybrid family that she loves so much. And, in exchange, we’ll take back a fairly-rehabilitated Kai, who may have some residual anger issues, but really seems to have changed since gaining Luke’s sense of kindness and right from wrong. Plus, he’s hilarious and sassy. 

Then, we destroy the ascendent, forget this all happened, and go out for some ice cream. Capish?

One final note: Where the heck was Bonnie?!?

I got a fever and the only cure is more Bon-Bon and adorable Bamon moments!!

Until next week, my vampcakes!