Valentine's Day

I don’t get why so many singles hate Valentine’s Day. 

I’ve never seen it as a day where you need a boyfriend/girlfriend or mountains of presents or fancy, crowded restaurants.

People put so much pressure on such a simple holiday.

You don’t need the love or approval of a romantic significant other in your life nor do you need an expensive, extravagant experience to be happy and celebrate love.

There’s all kinds of love you can celebrate on this day…

  • Love for yourself

Half Price Books is having a Valentine’s Weekend sale, so treat yourself to a wonderful new book. Bake a scrumptious dessert and enjoy it all week. Listen to your favorite record or pop open that favorite bottle of wine you’ve been saving. Buy yourself some fragrant, fresh flowers and make an arrangement for your apartment.

  • Love for your parents, siblings, and relatives

Make your family homemade Valentine’s cards with poetry from the heart. Do a random act of kindness like shoveling snow off your parent’s walk. Create a painting, a cross-stitch, or crochet a scarf for a loved one. Make up a fun, homemade scavenger hunt for your little cousins.

  • Love for your friends

Transform your living space into a warm, Valentine’s themed wonderland. Go to Michaels and get some supplies. Get crafting. Make cheesy grade school paper heart chains. Light candles. Fill your rooms with fake flowers. Then, invite your friends over and have a Valentine’s party. Have everyone cook homemade dishes and desserts. Get some pretty stationary for people to write on and one of those small bird cages to put the sweet notes in. At the end of the party, read the anonymous kind words people wrote to each other out loud. Make a little photo session area in your place with silly props and take fun polaroids.

  • Love for others

Use the day to volunteer at a charity. Serve your community and your world. Clean up parks. Visit the sick at the hospital. Entertain the elderly at a local retirement home. Work at a homeless, food, or animal shelter.

Psychologists have proven that doing nice things for others and spreading kindness fills your heart with love and makes you happier. There’s no better way to brighten up the dreary doldrums of winter.

If you focus on the real reason for the day, love, you really can’t go wrong. 

As long as you stick to that, you will always have a beautiful Valentine’s Day.