TVD: Mommy Dearest

We start out three years in the future where Damon is trying to rescue Caroline who is being held as Stefan-bait by the mysterious hunter, who is apparently only after Stefan due to the x-scar on his chest. 

From past episodes the only other ones we know of who are alive with that scar are Julian…and Beau, who is described by Lily as a “survivor” and cannot speak, a malady that we are otherwise unsure as to its origin, possibly caused by the huntress in question. 

More clues!

I found it interesting that Caroline, while held hostage at the news station, looks scared and threatened. How intimidating is this hunter that other vampires fear her, Caroline can’t defend herself, and Stefan feels the need to run away from her? 

Is this hunter a vampire? Werewolf? Hybrid? Witch? Heretic? Original? New breed of creature we’ve never heard of? A regular human with badass crossbow skills? So many questions!

In addition, Caroline looked like she was bleeding profusely from her hostage injuries, but as we all know vampires heal rather quickly. Is it possible Caroline becomes human again somehow in the future? Just a thought. 

Back to present day, Caroline spends the whole episode in denial that she’s pregnant. After multiple negative tests and some magic absorption on Valerie’s part, Alaric and Caroline find out that Caroline is indeed carrying his and Jo’s babies and the tests came up negative because the Gemini coven used a cloaking spell. 

Part of me is happy for Alaric, but part of me is still weirded out that Caroline is carrying his children.

Plus, I don’t think it was random that Valerie mentioned she used the same spell as the Gemini coven to try and save her baby.

I bet you twenty bucks Valerie and Stefan’s child is alive!

Valerie and Caroline seem to be developing a nice friendship and I like how they aren’t really going the whole caddy, competitive, love triangle route with these two and Stefan. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but actually really like Valerie. Plus, she always seems to be doing what is right and fair. And even when she does something crazy, she has a good reason for it. She’s a sympathetic character and I like her as an addition this season. 

Matt realizes that Julian and Beau are collecting humans in Mystic Falls, not to feed off of, but rather to fatten them up, for some unknown reason. My guess is either it’s for a sacrificial spell or some kind of mass slaughter party. 

Also, when Matt was talking to Caroline on the phone he mentioned Jeremy…Little Gilbert!!

…and Tyler.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon tell Lily about Julian murdering her grandchild in the hopes of bringing her over to their side and taking him down. 

When she failed to cooperate and made Valerie out to be a liar, Stefan went to his Plan B: Drugging Lily, tying her up with vervain laced ropes, and having a vampire-vention, where Stefan and Damon re-hashing the old wounds caused by Giuseppe Salvatore and try to convince to Lily that Julian is just like their dad use to be. 

Some interesting developments occur during the 1800s flashbacks, aka my favorite kind of flashbacks! 

  • Damon’s dad forced him to eat his pet turkey. 
  • Damon took the blame for some stolen money and was punished with a cigar burn to the arm. Oh, and did I mention he did it to protect Stefan? THE BROTHERLY LOVE FEELS!
  • And interestingly enough, Lily knew the abuse was happening and actually tried to save her boys by running away with them before Giuseppe found the train tickets.

At first, after a few of Stefan and Damon’s more gruesome bedtime stories, Lily seems unconvinced Julian is as bad as her old husband and does not agree to help our fair Salvatore brothers. 

We also find out she linked her life with Julian’s. 

Which brings us to our last plotline of the episode: Bonnie and Enzo. Benzo? Bonzo? Whatever the name, I totally ship it. They have great chemistry…One minute they look like they want to kill each other and the next they look like they want to make out. 

Anyways, Enzo and Bonnie found the sword in Oscar’s car that Julian was seeking. Assuming it was a sword designed to kill heretics, Enzo challenged Julian to a duel. 

He tried to murder him, but almost got himself killed, if it weren’t for Damon who swooped in at the last minute and stabbed Julian himself. 

Did I mention Damon knew Lily was linked to Julian at this point and still tried to kill him anyways? Can somebody say ‘mommy, abandonment issues?’

But, it turns out the sword only derives its power from the phoenix stone. Without it, it’s just a sword. So, Julian’s still alive. Whoopsie. 

Lily’s mothering instincts seem to have kicked in though, after she realized that Julian not only gambled his life while it was attached to hers, but he started saying the same manipulative platitudes that Giuseppe used on her. 

By the end of the episode, there seems to be some kind of hope of Stefan and Damon taking down Julian and possibly mending their relationship with their mom. 

Lily, finally coming to her senses, realized she’s in an abusive relationship and comes over to their side to help them stop Julian. 

This was an absolutely fantastic episode! 

I have to say I am totally loving this season…It’s fast-paced with lots of action, twists and turns, cool mysteries that unravel with each episode, a touch of romance, and with few WTF moments sprinkled in. (I mean, Caroline carrying Alaric and Jo’s babies…Whaaaa?!) 

It feels so fresh! 

We have some new characters, but they’re not overshadowing the old ones. Plus, all the old characters are getting their chance to shine and some good character development. 

And, for me personally, the best part about TVD for me has always been the Salvatore brothers and their relationship with one another. 

This season is making my two favorite brothers and their history together the focal point of the show. So, as you can probably imagine…I am on cloud nine! 


Until next time, my little vampcakes!