TVD: Age of Innocence

Flash-forward three years: Stefan has an “x” scar on his chest. He is on the run and destroying his possessions.

…And he set fire to his beautiful, beautiful car.

What is the story behind this Phoenix Stone? What does it do?

Why does Bonnie keep having these visions of death and destruction and then passing out? Is she cursed from touching the stone? 

What does it have to do with the “x” scars on people’s chests in the flash-forward scenes? What happens when you get the “x” scars? Stefan had one in the “3 years later” beginning part of the episode and he kept saying stuff like he “doesn’t have much time” and how someone “was coming” and he was burning his things and on the run. I’m assuming he’s headed to NYC, like we saw in the first flash-forward where someone was already chasing him, to find Damon, who was locked in a coffin in a Brooklyn shipyard with another coffin, which I assume is Elena’s. When the scar opens up does that signal the person hunting them down? Who else has the scars? Is it the same person who kidnaps Caroline in the future? Who is chasing after Stefan and Damon and others three years from now?

Why does the stone only lead to death according to Oscar? How does he know about it? Why does Lily want it?

Hello, shirtless Damon! My, my it has been a while. How I have missed you…

Old-school Stefan and Damon flashbacks are my favorite, especially from the 1800s!! 

Valerie was Stefan’s first love?! And “first”?! And she was pregnant with Stefan’s baby?!?!?!?!

Talk about droppin’ a few bombshells. My head is spinning…

But, back to the story. So, Valerie never fully carried the baby. A creep heretic named Julian, who Lily was romantically involved with, didn’t want anything standing in his way of their trip to Europe. He knew Valerie was pregnant and beat her until the child inside her was dead and forced her on the boat unconscious and bloodied. He told Lily Valerie was mugged and she believe him. Lily used her blood to heal Valerie. 

Valerie really loved Stefan, and he loved her. She was so upset over the loss of her child and Stefan that she tried to poison and drown herself, unknowingly turning herself into half-vampire, half-witch. 

Valerie was the first heretic. 

I kind of thought she was a real bitch of a character for a while there, but knowing what we do now, I think it’s justified. I actually feel really bad for the girl.

Is it possible Valerie turns on Lily to be with Stefan and they rekindle their once lost first love? Maybe that’s why future Caroline doesn’t want to talk to or see Stefan ever again? Because he chose Valerie over her? Just a possibility.

Damon went to find and kidnap the final heretic, Oscar, as a bartering tool to get Elena back from Lily. He succeeded in getting the guy, who is actually really cool and awesome, but then Valerie ripped his heart out. 

She found out that the mission Lily sent him on was to find Julian…and he found him. Valerie, rightly so, does not was Julian back alive with their little family because he’s a psychopath. Hence, the ripping out the heart of the messenger.

So, I’m guessing Oscar is dead? 

When Damon ripped the heart out of the other heretic he died and was buried. But, I wonder if a heretic really does die like a regular vampire, i.e. stake in the heart or pulling our the heart? You’d think a heretic is its own specific breed like how the originals needed to be killed a certain way. 

I kind of hope that’s true and Oscar lives because I really liked him. He’s a hoot!

Lily thinks Stefan is on her side. 

After hearing Stefan “isn’t speaking” with Damon, talking with Caroline about losing her mom, and learning from Caroline, and Stefan’s diary, that Stefan truly loved and missed her all those years, Lily decided to reward Stefan’s loyalty but setting Caroline free.

But, the spell Valerie put on Caroline is still there so every time she and Stefan touch it burns their skin.

You two better start getting creative. Might I suggest a Pushing Daisies-style kiss.

Funniest lines of the episode:

Hi, Bon Bon.

I mean, even Mussolini had a mother.

Until next time, my little vampcakes!