Hello Ladies!! 

The weather is starting to heat up, and as you shed those layers, you may realize you’re a little paler and flabbier than you’d like to be. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re planning your beach vacation and worrying about that summer bikini body.  

Well, I have found the most incredible workout that you can do everyday to sculpt and tone your body to perfection.

Ever wonder how models keep their figure? Ever wonder how they never jiggle when prowling the catwalk? How they look so tight and lean?

Look no further than the Victoria’s Secret Model Fat-Blasting Workout! It was invented by none other than Andrea Orbeck, personal trainer to the very same VS models you see at the yearly Fashion Show, including such big names as Heidi Klum! After utilizing this VS workout, and countless other customized fitness routines created by Andrea, some women have dropped whole dress and pant sizes!

If that doesn’t convince you of her qualification, it might interest you to know…

For the past 15 years, certified fitness and nutritional consultant Andrea Orbeck has motivated and trained thousands of people in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. A former member of the Canadian Women’s National Bobsled team, she studied her post-secondary education in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary, and has been featured in Elle, SELF, Fitness, US Weekly, First for Women, Allure, and The Los Angeles Times. Andrea holds certification in Intracellular Physiology, Postural Assessment, Myofascial Release Therapy and is recognized as a Pregnancy Fitness Specialist with the AFPA and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


This workout video is not for the faint of heart! It may only be 10 minutes, but it’s so very intense! No pain no gain right?!

If you really push yourself and keep your energy high within the 10 minutes, you can burn an estimated 100 calories and instantly begin to feel a tightening in your abs, the backs of your arms, glutes, calves, and thighs!   

If you want, you can do like I do, and add this routine in-between Zumba or yoga/pilates during the week for that last-minute push before summer!

When repeated over a period of time you will notice your body becoming slimmer…from Jigglypuff to buff!! I know I feel, AND SEE, the results!!

So “Adieu!” winter…

…and “Hello!” rockin’, summer-time, supermodel bod!