Ok, so tonight’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries, ‘Home,’ was crazy and sad.

But, it was also kind of awesome and amazing!

I mean, yes, during the whole…Damon didn’t make it back, Elena crying, Damon’s ‘I love you’ monologue, Bonnie and Damon holding hands and stepping into the white light of the unknown together…I was like…



I was a wreck.

But, a heck of a lot of awesome stuff happened too!!

They killed Markos and all those freaky travelers inhabiting their town!

AND HELLO!!! Markos and Silas and all the evil people didn’t pass through! AND STEFAN, ELENA, TYLER, ENZO, LUKE, AND ALARIC ARE ALL BACK!!

Wait, what did I just say? Oh yeah. Excuse me, while I fangirl because…ALARIC FREAKIN’ SALTZMAN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Also, as much as I’d really love for Grams and Lexi to return (I LOVE LEXI!!), I really loved their endings tonight.

They both died in the first season. So, we’ve already had time to process and accept their deaths. Bringing them back in this episode would have been extra special, but I wasn’t expecting it.

They finished their unfinished business and found peace. And Lexi sacrificing herself for Stefan to have Damon: “What kind of best friend would I be if you died before Stefan got his brother back?” I. was. crying.

And even though I was a mess in the end watching the Bonnie and Damon scenes, I know it’s not over.

This is The Vampire Diaries, people! Characters who die come back all the time.

Alaric needs his drinking buddy. Stefan needs his brother. Elena needs Damon and her best friend Bonnie. Jeremy needs Bonnie. 

Paul Wesley said, "[The finale] definitely establishes new parameters in the environment we’ll be shooting in Season 6. They reset things in a way, and the writers have the ability to now change the circumstances and locations of where the show takes place."

You know this totally means that the show will be split…showing everyone on one side and Bonnie and Damon on the other side. 

Guys, Bonnie and Damon are coming back one way or another. I am absolutely sure of it. The writers wouldn’t permanently kill off two of the best characters.

So, we should all sit back and enjoy the crazy ride that next season has in store for us. 

I mean, think of all the KILLER Bamon friendship moments and scenes we’re gonna get! Those two are going rule the other side…or whatever it’s called…and make the most badass team ever! They’re gonna fight to come back and it’s going to be awesome television!!!

And think of all the questions this finale left unanswered…

Like…Is everyone human and non-magical now that they’ve come back?

Is Caroline still a vampire? Because she was in the woods in Mystic Falls and they didn’t show the magic trying to undo itself. She didn’t re-die. So, there’s still that to figure out…

Where are Bonnie and Damon? Because they didn’t get sucked into the stormy-scary-darkness-in-the-sky that the others did…they went into a white light…

How are Bonnie and Damon going to come back?

What will happen with Damon and Elena? Bonnie and Jeremy? Or will Bonnie and Damon bond and develop a romantic relationship together next season while they’re in the other place? (…side?…dimension?…whatever.) Or possibly even a reuniting of Stefan and Elena? Will Stefan and Caroline ever happen?

When Bonnie and Damon do come back, which you know they will, will Damon still be a vampire? Will Bonnie be a witch again?

If Damon and Caroline are still vampires, will he and Caroline have to do the whole spell-and-drink-the-doppelganger-blood-thingy, that Markos and the travelers did, to be human with the others?


I don’t know about you, but I am SO excited for next season!