Thoughts on Downton Abbey Season 5 so far...


Poor Lord Grantham. The world is changing around him. And we all know how much he hates change. From Miss Bunting to the new Labour government, from Branson to the war memorial committee, and even from Carson, everyone seems to be ruffling his feathers. Get with the times, man.

"There’s nothing more low brow than flirting with someone else’s dog!” You better watch it Lord Grantham. I think Mr. Bricker is doing a little more than flirting with your dog…

Also, no good comes from looking at that Della Francesca painting with a man, Cora. You of all people should know that!


Rose trying so hard to get that radio was hysterical.

Mary, Mary…Quite Contrary! You naughty girl. Going on a “sketching vacation.” Scandalous!

Anna went out and bought Mary a diaphragm!

"Women buying contraceptions?! How ghastly and obscene!" (To be read with sarcasm in the modern day and to be taken literally if you’re reading this in 1924.)

I love how these two have formed their own little feminist duo. Mary, taking control of her own sexuality. Anna, talking about how insulted she felt by the lady judging her in the pharmacy. “But, when I thought about it afterwards, it seemed unfair to punish me like that. Suppose I had eight children and I didn’t want any more. Wouldn’t I have the right?”

Also, 20 bucks Lord Gillingham and Lady Mary’s sex vacation blows up in their faces and people find out. There are just too many busy-body aristocrats who like to gossip.

I think Edith’s child will also be a secret that some people will find out. The adoptive mother is getting angry and suspicious. And that whole godchild thing might not be enough to explain away Edith spending so much time with Marigold. Also, whatever was pictured in that photograph that Anna and Mrs. Hughes found in the fire might be incriminating.

And about the fire. Edith was upset and it was an accident. She apologized and Mary kept making comments like, “Lady Edith chose to set fire to her room, but we’re all fine.” The look on Edith’s face every time…

Tom and Miss Bunting are getting closer. Not sure I like them together.

And Tom’s reverting back to his pre-Sybil, political-rebel tendencies. Which nobody seems to appreciate. But, he did help the Lord save the house from death by fire…

Then, there’s Violet messing with Isobel’s two suitors (The Lord and The Doctor), dissing her in front of them, and trying to set the Lord up with another woman.

And that scene where they all formally came together to listen to the new radio and they stood up as if the King could see them.


I love that Carson forced the committee’s hand and said he would only participate if Lord Grantham was named patron. “What the Lord doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

Carson and Mrs. Hughes keep having these little lover’s spats and adorable moments. Please tell me they will get together. Just get married already, you perfect little nuggets!

OH NO! The police are looking into Mr. Green’s murder! Damn it! I knew Mr. Bates got off too easy and they were going to mess with him some more!

Why do I have a feeling Daisy is going to accidentally say something to Miss Bunting or Miss Bunting will hear family gossip from the help while she’s tutoring Daisy, and then she will use it against the Crawley’s?

Poor Molesley. Wanting to look nice and they all dissed his new ‘do. Then, defending Baxter and having Thomas all up in his grill.

I think Baxter is still hiding something. Molesley told her that if she had a child out of marriage, for which she was trying to get money, that he and others would forgive her for the past stealing and it would be fine. But, she still didn’t fess up. I think it’s something more horrific and unheard of for the time. I think that she stole the jewels, pawned them for money, and paid a doctor for an abortion. That’s why she couldn’t give the jewels or money back. Just a theory.

Jimmy left. I’m gonna miss his character. That goodbye with Thomas was very touching. Although, I have to say the best part was when Lord Grantham told Carson to dismiss Jimmy with no reason. Carson was like…OK, I don’t understand. But…OK. You know he was dying to know!

You know why, Carson? Because Jimmy’s been smoochin’ with everybody! Snuffy, Al, Leo, Little Moe with the gimpy leg, Cheeks, Boney Bob, Cliff…

And finally, Thomas may have saved Edith from the fire and been allowed to stay, but, since Baxter told Cora of her crimes, HE NO LONGER HAS ANY DIRT TO HOLD OVER OTHERS’ HEADS AS BLACKMAIL.


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