Thoughts from Airports

I love people-watching in airports.

It’s so cool seeing the entire gamut of human emotions expressed in one place.

You have:

The immense love and hugs exchanged between family members who are now together once again, especially around the holidays.

Sadness of a someone’s goodbye…family or a friend, someone going to college or leaving home for the first time or moving to another city or studying abroad or going on a mission trip.

People who cannot control their bodily functions and are spazzing from the excitement to greet their best friend at the gate…as they then proceed to jump up and down like giddy school girls.

Happy tears and affection of two lovers being reunited after a long time…And, sometimes those two need to find a room, because that affection is getting a little too hand-sy on the escalator…and OHMYGOD there are children in here, for crying out loud!

The jittery nervousness and panic of someone dashing across the airport determined not to miss their important flight.

The causal, routine, mundane everyday of pilots and flight attendants casually strolling to their destinations.

Little kids with wide-eyed wonderment seeing the world as new and fresh and beautiful, as we should all view it, but sometimes forget. And they’re watching planes take off and land for the first time as they joyously wait with their mom and their homemade signs to greet dear old dad from his business trip.

Elderly people meeting their friends or fellow war buddies from time-gone-by that they haven’t seen in 50 some-odd years.

Awkwardness of strangers meeting for the first time.

Soldiers coming back on leave to the safety of home. And soldiers giving their tearful goodbyes, not knowing if this one will be their last.

The happy tears.

The sad tears.

The best friends.

The lovers.

The anxiety.

The boredom.

The young.

The old.

The first hello.

The last goodbye.

I mean, life, man. It’s just kind of beautiful.