The Vampire Diaries: Never Let Me Go

Alaric wants to use this phoenix stone to bring Jo back from the dead.

I wouldn’t trust this stone Alaric. It is not Bon-Bon approved and usually Bonnie is right about these things.

What was up with those crazy visions she was having of people being murdered?! And did you notice they had X scars like the mute and 3-years-into-the-future-Stefan. Does it have something to you with being marked for dead, like once you bare the mark that hunter/psycho chick we saw last episode marks you for death or punishment? 

The stone only worked when it was touching someone who was dead. I guess you could make a necklace to wear at all times. But, what if it got stolen. And at what cost? Is the person truly alive? What does prolonged exposure to the stone cause? What are the consequences of awakening the dead? Bonnie always taught us nothing good can happen when messing with death and that the universe always needs to find a balance. What is the stone’s balance?

Also, you better not inform Lily you still have that, Alaric. If she finds out you have it she’ll stop at nothing to bring her precious Malcolm back. 

Bonnie to Matt: What do you think about letting me use magic to stop your heart? 

Matt was signed over the deed to the Salvatore house. And in order to break the spell and save Caroline they decided to spell stop Matt’s heart, breaking the magic. And then Bonnie had a witchy-vision-freakout and Matt almost died…AGAIN. 



Although, I am loving this Bonnie/Matt shared heretic hatred and team-up against the baddies pact. 

Lily’s took Elena, is making Damon leave town, and continues to hold Caroline hostage, in order to make Stefan mad at Damon for causing all this, thereby creating a rift between our two favorite brothers, driving them apart, and allowing Lily to better manipulate Stefan.

But, guess what Lily?! It ain’t gonna work! 

Because not only did they figured out your little plan, but, after all they’ve been though, their bond is unbreakable!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again my favorite part and the heart of this show has been the Salvatores and their brotherly love for one another!!


Damon and Stefan have a plan. They’re going to pretend to be mad at one another to get Lily to think she’s winning. Meanwhile Damon’s hunting down the last heretics and finding ways to make Lily miserable while Stefan infiltrates from the inside.

Enzo has the hots for Lily?! 

OR is this just all one big ploy?! 

My theory is, and I hope I’m right, that Enzo is really on Damon and Stefan’s side and he’s making Lily think he’s on her side, but he’s really pretending to support her, and then while she’s vulnerable, he’ll destroy the heretics from the inside out. 

I mean did you see his face when he had to hurt Caroline and when she was being tortured? Or how about how he went to get Sheriff Forbes’ plaque for Caroline? I think he still has feelings for Caroline and wants to help Carebear get the town back and restore it to awesomeness in memory of her mom, who did all she could when she was alive to protect the town and those in it.

What’s up with that Valerie chick? At first, Valerie seemed sort of nice and maybe not like the others. But, maybe she’s not quite what she seems. 

Why does Caroline’s skin burn when others touch her? What spell did Valerie put on her? What are its affects?

Also, three years into the future Caroline has a fiancé that’s not Stefan (*sobs*) and she said she never wants to hear Stefan’s name ever again?! 

The fiancé she does have wants to take a trip to Mystic Falls, so he must have some connection to the place. Is he from there? Do we currently know him? 

The big question: How did Stefan and Caroline go from being the best of friends and lovers to Caroline hating Stefan?! 

And at the end Caroline was attacked in the future time-line. Was it the same person that was after Damon and Stefan in the future? 

Does any of this have something to do with Stefan and Valerie back in 1863? Yeah, you heard that right, Stefan wrote about Val in his diary. They knew each other and possibly dated…etc.

Is Valerie the new big bad who was hunting people down three years in the future? (…jaded, scorned, vengeful against Stefan?)

Or is it someone else? One theory of mine…Some kind of immortal vampire hunters, who like Jeremy has it in their blood, and has been trying to kill the heretics and anyone they associate with since back before the group was banished to the 1903 prison world? (…x scar marks the target?)

We’re only two episodes in and already I am LOVING this season!! 

No whininess or lame drama. Lots of action. Flash-forwards and flash-backs. Big baddies that you love to hate. Blood and spooks. Tons of mystery and being left with more questions than answers. And a little romance sprinkled in.

There’s such a great vibe to the show this season. It feels just like the early seasons of TVD that I have missed so much. 

Until next week, vampcakes!