The Pointless “Potty-Mouthed Princesses”

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As many of my friends, family, and blog followers know, I’m a feminist.

I’m all for educating others and promoting the campaigns and messages of feminism.

But, this new video of the “Potty-Mouthed Princesses” is absolutely pointless.

It’s like when you see comedians purposefully curse or be vulgar just for shock value.

It’s not really adding to the craft or art of comedy. It doesn’t make it funnier. You’re not building on the conversation. It’s cheap.

Or when a celebrity has been out of the press for a while so they get arrested or do something crazy to get attention or be noticed. “All press is good press, right?” Wrong.

I don’t see how foul-mouthed little girls helps promote feminism.

Those who made this video are probably sitting back right now thinking, “Everyone is talking about our video! We’re trending!”

But, I can tell you, in a week or so, people will forget about it.

Yes, you “got people talking.”

But, is anyone talking about the rape statistics, the pay inequality, the discrimination, or the countless other important issues regarding feminism?


I’ve read page after page and comment after comment. All anyone seems to be focusing on is the cursing.

The video is a cheap attempt to get views.

Like when a YouTuber puts a crazy thumbnail or shocking title on their video to get you to click. And then, when you finally do click it, the video lacks real or thought-provoking content. The audience is left feeling nothing but stupid for having wasted their time.

We are living in a “Generation Like” world. People are becoming lemmings and gullible clickers who fall for EVERYTHING.

The “content creators” of the world are profiting off of our likes and views.

And more specifically, the people who made this video are not only benefiting from our page-clicks, but also profiting off of child exploitation.

Did you know that some of the girls in the video were as young as six?!

If Elmo and the other muppets started teaching kids how to curse on Sesame Street, a lot of people would be angry that the adults running the show exposed their child to bad words. I don’t care how “cool” a parent you are, most parents don’t want to have their six-year-old dropping the f-bomb.

But, this isn’t even a video of adults, this video involves children being made to say what adults tell them to in order to get views for their cause. That’s the definition of “exploitation.”

Some of you out there want to act like words don’t matter. Like you’re too cool for curses. “Who cares?” “It’s just another word.” “I’m not giving it power.” “I can say what I want.”

But, words can be more powerful than actions.

Ask a person who has had bad words and degrading racial slurs hurled at them. Words hurt.

Tell a kid, who tried to commit suicide after being verbally abused, that words don’t matter. You can’t. Because words hurt.

“Bad words” don’t add anything positive to the dialogue.

Did Emma Watson curse while promoting the successful and STILL talked about HeForShe campaign a month ago? No.

Did Martin Luther King Jr. drop the f-bomb while promoting equality for all during his I Have A Dream speech? No.

Did Abraham Lincoln say in the Gettysburg Address that “all f****** men are created equal.” No.

If it’s good enough by itself…

If it’s powerful enough WITHOUT curse words…

People will talk about it. People will remember it.

Call me naive, but I think the stories of women, the statistics, and the issues themselves ARE enough.

Promote positive thinking, positive education, positive empowerment, and good thought-provoking dialogue.

Your words matter. So make them count.