The Flash: The Fury of FIRESTORM

Team Flash is looking desperately to find a metahuman with the right molecular structure/genome markings/DNA to bond with Professor Stein to stabilize the molecules in his body.

Cisco: What are we gonna do? Make a Tinder app for metahumans?   …Cause that sounds like the biggest swipe left of all time.

Barry to Patty: Metahumans aren’t really my thing…

So, Dr. Wells is just lurking about in Star Labs?! What happened to that new top-notch security system, Cisco?! And next he went to Mercury to steal things from Caitlin’s lab! 

Iris to her mom: We’ve lived separate lives for over 20 years. Let’s keep it that way.

And what’s with Iris’ mom saying she’s dying? Seems pretty fishy considering Iris refused to see her…and now she’s suddenly sick. And even if she really is dying, she waited until her final days to try and reconnect and get to know her daughter.

Iris found out she has a brother. 

Here comes Wally West!!

Her brother was born 8 months after Iris’ mom left Joe. Is Iris’ brother Joe’s son? Or could Wally be a half-brother?

Caitlin: Who says no to becoming a superhero?! Cisco would you? 

Cisco: A chance to have superpowers? *awkward laugh* Oh, yeah, sign me up…

Barry on Patty: She’s not Iris…

Joe’s trying to convince Barry to give Patty a chance.

And while I’m a hardcore Westallener, I agree. Iris is not in the right headspace with Eddie’s death and her mom showing up to be in a relationship right now. She still sees Barry as her friend and hasn’t discovered her love for him like she did in that alternate timeline. 

Barry and Iris are endgame, but I don’t think he should just sit around alone, pining for her in the mean time. He’s young. He should have some fun and explore life. Patty seems like such a sweet, fun, nerdy character. Just go for it, Barry! What do you have to lose?!

Hewitt is a psychopath and clearly a terrible choice to join with Stein.

Professor Stein and Jax are a perfect match! They merged and created FIRESTORM!! 

Professor Stein to Cisco: The very thing that makes you different is what makes you special.

Barry finally decides to go for it with Patty…And he runs into a man shark that attacks him. But, he is saved when someone shoots down the metahuman with some sort of high-tech ray gun…Being controlled by Dr. Wells.