The Flash Season Finale Live Blog: “Fast Enough”

Barry was The Flash and Eobard’s rival and enemy in the future. Then, Wells said he went back in time to kill Barry, and when he wasn’t successful, he killed Barry’s mom, so that Barry would not recover and become The Flash. But, after killing Barry’s mom and creating a new parallel timeline, Wells realized that he didn’t have the speed force to get himself back to his own time, so he had to create TheFlash!Barry, himself, with the particle accelerator.

So, my question is, how did Barry become The Flash the first time, in that first timeline? 

Cisco was possibly affected by the particle accelerator?! 

Twenty bucks the first thoughts that ran through Cisco’s head were ideas for a suit and superhero name for himself.

Also, does that mean that other people, like Caitlin, could have been affected as well, but just not know it yet?

Cisco: So long, and thanks for all the fish.

I’m sorry, Eddie. I know you and Iris are all “Screw the future.” But, you two are only together on borrowed time until the Westallen train rolls in…

Caitlin and Ronnie got married!

Yeah, good idea, Barry. Go back and save your mom. 

Never mind the fact that you’ve already grieved the loss of your parents and are currently living a happy existence, with a wonderful surrogate parent, great friends, and a good job…And if you change time, you could possibly never meet or have the same relationship with everyone you’ve ever known and loved EVER AGAIN. 

Never mind that you help save people with your powers as The Flash and are a morally upstanding good man…And if you change time, you could possibly lose your powers or affect your personality and the type of man you become in the future. 

And never mind that you risk killing yourself or creating a black-hole that destroys the globe.

Go ahead. Go back. Meddle with time and save her. Great decision, Barry. *sarcasm*

Barry: Goodbye, Dad.

Joe: Goodbye, son.

Barry decided, at the advice of his future self, to not save his mom and, instead, say goodbye and spend the last few minutes of her life with her…

Eobard: You could have had everything you’ve ever wanted!

Barry: I already do.

Eddie sacrificed himself to make sure Eobard died… #EddieIsOurHero #RIP

But, I can’t help but wonder, is Eddie really dead? After he died, he was sucked into the black-hole…Is it possible Eddie might come back? And, by extension, Eobard?

YOU’RE JUST GONNA LEAVE IT LIKE THAT?!?! An out-of-control black-hole sucking everything into its wake with Barry trying to run and stop it!

Holy Cliffhangers, Batman! How am I gonna wait ALL summer?!?!

What’s gonna happen?! Will Barry close the black-hole? Will everything go back to normal? 

Or will there possibly be ramifications from all this meddling? A multi-verse with Earth-One and Earth-Two? Flashpoint?

Will Barry and Iris get together? 

Could Eddie and Eobard come back? 

What new villains lie ahead?

So many questions!! 


Side Note: 

I don’t think I’ve ever done so much crying while watching TV…Seriously, Barry’s tears are my kryptonite! 

Grant Gustin is such an amazing actor. Somebody give him an Emmy.

Those touching scenes with Barry and Joe. Barry and his dad’s conversation in the prison. Barry and Iris’ talk on the rooftop. Barry and his mom’s final words with one another. 

The whole episode I was just like: