The Flash Season 2 Premiere: The Man Who Saved Central City

Flash forward. (Pun intended.) It’s months later. Barry somehow closed the wormhole in the sky.

And everything is totally awkward and weird because Barry is doing the whole lone wolf thing and pushing away everyone in his life. The team isn’t working together anymore. Star Labs is abandoned. Caitlin works at Mercury Labs. Jitters is gone. Iris is off at the paper. And Joe and Cisco have started up a meta-human task force. Why have they all split up?! I don’t like this!!

Barry’s been sneaking into businesses at night to fix them up after the wormhole. Can’t sleep, Barry? Anyone getting Tony Stark, Post-Wormhole, PTSD vibes? 

Flash back. (Pun intended.) They stopped the wormhole by Barry running in the opposite direction of the wormhole. Then, Professor Stein and Ronnie joined together and used the energy of their separation at the hole’s center to close it. And then Ronnie disappeared and Barry was only able to save Professor Stein. 

Caitlin lost Ronnie AGAIN.

First, Eddie. Now, Ronnie. But, I have to say I don’t think this is the last we will see of them. Both were sucked into the wormhole. And, as we have learned from Arrow, if we don’t SEE the death and have a sense of finality, it’s possible they end up coming back. 

Flash Day!!!! Central City honored The Flash by giving him the key to the city! Barry’s finally getting some recognition for all that he has done!

Professor Stein came up with the name “Atom Smasher” and Cisco gave him the biggest hug!! Adorable! I smell a new bromance.

I love Joe and Little Barry flashback scenes!

Let me get this straight. Wells/Eobard/Reverse Flash not only left Barry ALL of Star Labs, but he confessed on video to killing Barry’s mom?! That was…nice of him?

What’s the catch? Why am I still so suspicious? That just seemed way too easy.

They created a Flash Signal to light up the sky and lure Atom Smasher to Barry. And Cisco was like, “I think I saw it in a comic book somewhere.”

Atom Smasher was from the future like Eobard/Reverse/Wells and in exchange for getting back to his own time he promised “Zoom” he would kill Barry. Is Zoom yet another name for Reverse Flash? Or do we have a whole new villain to worry about?

Barry’s dad is home!!!!! And Cisco got his badge!! And everyone’s back together again!!  All is right with the world!!

Barry to Henry: “You’re the only family I have left.” 

HOLD UP! How can you even say that with Joe and Iris in the room, Barry?! Rude!

Henry Allen: “Can you be all that you can be with me here?” 

Henry leaving doesn’t make sense! Your kid is a hero and has spent his whole life trying to free you from prison and have a life with you as his father…and now you decide to skip town? I mean I get Wesley isn’t a regular so they have to put him somewhere and bring him back around every once and a while, but it was so out of character for Henry to bail and the reasoning didn’t make any sense. Everything was so perfect and then you went and ruined it, Henry!

…And what was that look between Henry and Joe?! Why do I feel like Henry’s release was too easy and we don’t have the whole story?

Caitlin: S.T.A.R labs is now safer than ever. Increased security and surveillance. 

Cisco: Nothing is getting through here without us knowing.

… *mysterious stranger walks into the room*

Cisco: FO REAL?!?!


Was he the one taking photos of Barry throughout the episode? Is this the introduction of Earth-2?!

Such an exciting season premiere!! Until next week, speedsters!!