The Flash: “Rogue Air”

How is Wells using the particle accelerator to get back home? Is he turning it into a giant time travel device?

Iris kicked Peek-a-boo’s butt and saved Caitlin! And then they found Eddie in the particle accelerator and saved him!

‘Cold as Ice’ by Foreigner starts playing on the jukebox when Barry approaches Captain Cold in the bar…

Eddie broke up with Iris and told her that she marries Barry….Dammit Eddie! Haven’t you learned?! Awful things happen to people who meddle with time.

Now that Iris knows the future, will that alter her’s and Barry’s future?!?!

I’m a little sad because I do like Eddie a little and he and Iris are cute together, but the diehard Westallen in me is squealing because we’re one step closer to Barry and Iris.

Barry, Barry, Barry…It was admirable and good of you to save the metahumans, despite the wrong they’ve done, but didn’t you think twice before teaming up with Captain Cold?!

Never negotiate with terrorists. Now he screwed you over…AND NOW the metahumans you caught are on the loose.

Oliver/Arrow, Robbie/Firestorm, Barry/Flash vs. Reverse Flash epic battle that ended with them catching Eobard!!