The Flash Live Blog: “Tricksters”

Badass Throwback Flash v. Reverse-Flash fight!

Joe and Barry investigating Dr. Wells. FINALLY!

The Trickster!

Cisco: Talking in the third person. That’s never a good sign.
Caitlin: You’re just mad because he named himself.


So, the Reverse-Flash that Barry went back in time to fight, in order to save his mom, wasn’t Harrison Wells. 

So who is this other guy? And why does he have it out for Barry and his family?

Wells is still one Reverse-Flash, though. And he’s killed multiple people to “protect” his secrets and Barry…And he’s still creepy sometimes. Just sayin’.

Yeeesssss. Mark Hamill. The Original Trickster. And his lair!

Will any of these guys take Iris seriously and investigate Mason Bridge’s disappearance/death? Ugh, men…

Trickster is supposedly “not happy” that his name and stuff has been stolen. Why do I still have a feeling he’s in on it?

Cisco: This guy is using some crazy Felicity level scrambler. I’m not picking up any signals.


Barry to Wells: Not every criminal has to hide in the dark.

hahaha…Well, that was pointed….

Interesting! So, whenever/wherever Wells is from, he had himself a lady love. And the Reverse-Flash who killed Barry’s mom is possibly jealous of that or wants to hurt Wells in some way? And possibly uses Barry to do so?

Iris: Will you look into it? For me.
Barry as Flash: For you.

Barry as Flash: Sometimes I wonder why I wear a mask with you
Iris: Maybe one day you’ll take it off.

I LOVE Iris/Flash cover-of-night clandestine meetings!

WHOA! James Jesse used the “bomb” as a distraction to free himself from prison. 

The Tricksters took Barry’s dad hostage!

Old Trickster to New Trickster: I am your father.

Reverse-Flash who killed Barry’s mom killed Wells’ love! Wells, you poor thing.

Touching Barry/Joe moments give me life!

Trickster and son evil maniacal laughing…

Oh No! Did Iris drink the poison champagne?! 

She and all those people will die without the anecdote! And now Barry has a bomb strapped to him!!

Barry ran and vibrated so quickly he phased right through a truck!

YAY! Barry saved everyone, including his dad. And he officially showed his dad he is the Flash!

Eobard Thawne stole Harrison’s body/brain to have the particle accelerator made sooner to get himself back to his own time!

Barry and Joe revealed to Eddie that Barry is the Flash. Seriously, does everyone know now besides Iris?!

Barry to Joe and Eddie: Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash.

An episode or so ago I would’ve agreed with you, Barry. But now…

Until next time, speedsters!