The Flash Live Blog: “Rogue Time”

Wait, Barry went back in time and…replaced his old self? Where did the old version of himself go? Usually, in the case of time travel, there are multiple versions of yourself existing in all parallel timelines at the same time (i.e. your past, present, and future yous). When traveling one has to stay away from one’s other self and not make changes on the timeline to avoid disrupting the Space-time Continuum and causing a schism that creates an entirely new alternate reality. At least, I thought that’s how time travel worked…

Oh No! Barry caught Weather Wizard ahead of time and altered time! 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy that Barry was able to save Captain Singh and Joe from Weather Wizard, Iris and the entire city from a tsunami, and I’m assuming Cisco as well, since Cisco didn’t have a chance to get curious again about Wells’ suspicious activity and decided to go to his brother’s birthday instead of investigating at STAR Labs and getting caught.

BUT…What consequences and evils lie ahead now that Barry messed with time? 

This will probably be bad. I can’t watch…

Also, this means that Eddie being a jealous jerk, Iris pulling away from Eddie, Iris realizing her feelings for Barry, Barry having an adorable father-son talk with Joe about his love life and Iris, Barry kissing Iris, and Barry revealing to her that he is the Flash…ALL are timeline stories that don’t exist anymore!

Captain Cold: Love the paneling. Mahogany?

Cisco’s brother…

Barry and Linda broke up…

And now Barry wants to be with Iris, which is as cute and endearing as ever. But, instead of Iris seeing Eddie be a douche, having Linda tell her to admit her feelings for Barry to herself, and Iris realizing them on her own…

NOW Barry’s probably going to force something on Iris instead of letting it naturally happen. And then Iris will probably be mad with him because she already made her choice back at Christmas.

The hot chick, Lisa, was picking up Cisco instead of Barry.


Barry to Cisco: “Make me proud” *walks away and mouths ‘OH MY GOD’*

I knew it was too good to be true that Cisco got himself a woman. Lisa is Captain Cold’s sister! 

Cisco was finally safe from Wells and now he’s in danger again! 

I need a drink…

Cold’s holding Dante, Cisco’s brother, hostage to get Cisco to make heat and cold gun weapons for him! No offense, but I’d let Cisco’s jerk brother burn before I made Captain Moron some weapons…

I knew it! Iris realized her love for Barry in those few days that Barry altered. 

No realization = No happy ending for them. She just sees it as him forcing himself on her. Dang it! We were so close to Westallen!

A gold gun?!


Dude, Eddie, you are such an dill-hole. Barry just talked to Iris about his feelings. No kiss. No nothing. And you just blindside him with a sucker-punch?! 

I mean Barry did flirt with Iris AND Eddie considers Barry one of his good friends, so Barry deserved what he had coming. But, Eddie could have just yelled at him. He didn’t have to haul off and punch him in the face!

Dr Wells: What if you travelled back decades? Centuries? Imagine the havoc you could wreak.

Is this an allusion to what we know from what Wells told Cisco last episode in the now alternate past timeline, about how he was stuck in this time and Barry was the key to him returning home. Is Wells, as Reverse-Flash, from centuries in the future?!

Dr. Wells: How many more people could die if your mother lives?

I gotta say Dr. Wells makes a point. If Barry figures out how to properly time travel and goes back to save his mom, doesn’t he know how much he will change?! 

His mom is alive and his dad never goes to jail. 


Barry never moves in and is adopted by, nor forms a close relationship with Joe. Never lives in the same house with and falls in love with Iris. Maybe doesn’t live and work in the same place. Is never hit by lighting. Never becomes The Flash. Never saves the city from meta-humans affected by the particle accelerator…

Cisco’s brother stole his crush and totally wishes he had the talent, direction, and awesomeness of Cisco.

Great! Now Cold knows Barry is The Flash…Wonder what he’s gonna do with that information? Just perfect. Now that’s just one more thing to worry about…

Awwww, Barry and Cisco hug.

Joe: Who do you love?
Iris: I love Eddie.

Iris isn’t looking into Simon Stagg’s murder because her editor never got a chance to show it to her. And Cisco never got suspicious of Wells because those days were altered. Now no one is looking into Wells’ crimes and pure evilness!

Dr. Wells to Cisco: We love you…You have shown me what’s it’s like to have a son.

Wells said that same thing before killing Cisco in the alternate past timeline. Weird parallels for those of us sitting on the audience side of things. 

Snart infiltrated the casino, to get the money moved, in order to steal the money? Couldn’t he just sell the gold created by his sister Lisa’s new gold gun to get rich? 

Ugh…I don’t want Barry’s identity revealed, but letting Cold go off scot-free to pillage the city and steal feels totally wrong. 

BAHAHAHA…Eddie came at Barry so aggressively, I thought there was gonna be another throw down and then….he hugged him? So adorable and hysterical. And the look on Barry’s face…Priceless.

Yay! Go Caitlin! Making up a random neurological disorder and using a bunch of confusing science jargon to explain away Barry’s weird behavior, mood swings, and profession of love outburst to Iris as “side effects” of being struck by lightning months prior, in order to give a reason for why he’s always at STAR Labs and to save his relationships/friendships with Iris and Eddie.

AAAAAAAAA!!!! Wells took the incriminating evidence about himself from Iris’ editor and then killed him. And now no one knows the truths collected about Wells.

Dr. Wells: [talking as Reverse-Flash about the news story of his crimes that was going to be published] Would have been the story of the century. Well this century at least. 

So, is this confirmation that Wells is from a century or centuries in the future? Also, if he’s from the future and he’s a “distant relative of Eddie” does that make Eddie his like great-great-great ancestral grandfather or something?!

And if he is from a century or so into the future, quick question for him…Do we have hover-boards yet?!?!

Well, at least Barry is suspicious of Wells now, even though he’s the only one. And Joe’s on his side. Now all Barry has to do is not say anything and make sure Wells doesn’t know he’s investigating or getting curious or Wells will have his head on a platter.

Until next week, speedsters!