The Flash Live Blog: “Out of Time”

Super awkward bowling double date between Barry/Linda and Iris/Eddie…

But, who cares, because Barry and Iris were bowling and being all adorable and flirty. And Linda and Eddie both looked totally put out.

And you know this is leading to….WESTALLEN!!! It’s coming. I can feel it!


Weather Wizard!!!!

Too bad Dr. Wells is probably evil because that movie night scene would be an adorable father-son-type moment with Cisco.

Barry and Eddie ran out of the bowling date for a police emergency and left Iris and Linda just standing there. And, after watching Iris and Barry flirt all night, Linda just kind of glared at Iris civilly and said, ‘Nice meeting you. Bye.” 

“But, I knew how this would be settled in the animal world.”

I love Cisco’s corny jokes and how proud he gets when he makes up new names for their villains. The little dork…I love Cisco.

Joe: Barry and I were just going to grab lunch.
Barry: We were?

Alright, Eddie, cool your jets. Barry and Iris have been friends since they were children. They’re always going to be close and know more about each other than anyone else. And you’ll always be second-string on the Westallen train. Deal with it and stop being such a jealous douche.

Barry: I need some relationship advice.
Joe: Oh, you mean about the girl you’re dating? 
Barry: No, Iris.
Joe: You’re asking your adoptive father for advice about being in love with his daughter who just so happens to be dating his partner.

Barry asking Joe for relationship advice with Iris…Comedy Gold! Priceless…

Linda to Iris: You have feelings for Barry, too.

Go Cisco! Finally, someone’s getting suspicious of Wells. The evidence is piling up…

Awww man, poor Captain Singh. He sacrificed himself at the precinct to save Joe from Weather Wizard and now he may never walk again or be a cop. 

Also, does this mean Detective West will take over and be Captain West?

I love that little conversation between Barry and Singh’s fiancee. The guy was like, ‘Oh yeah, he’s told me great things about you.’ And Barry’s like…“Really?” I imagine Barry’s thinking back to all the times Singh yelled at him and complained about Barry’s tardiness, which was all the time.


I have a bad feeling about Joe going after Mardon alone and Cisco investigating Wells. Joe’s gonna get hurt, or worse dead (But, hopefully that doesn’t happen because everyone loves Detective West. They can’t kill him. This isn’t Game of Thrones.). Cisco’s gonna get caught by Wells. And Wells will be none too happy about it.

Why did Eddie happen to be where the Mardon brothers use to hang out? Only Joe knew that from chasing the brothers for years. Eddie just joined the force a year ago. And if he wanted to go help Joe, how did he know that’s where Joe would go to look for Weather Wizard? 

I haven’t liked Eddie since the pilot. There’s just something off about him, like he’s hiding something or pretending to be nice. It’s kind of a phony quality. I grow more and more suspicious of his character with every episode.

Iris to Barry: I just don’t think Linda’s the right one for you.


Joe just got pushed out of a window by Weather Wizard! And now he’s being held hostage! JOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! 

I knew it! I knew Wells would find out that Cisco was sleuthing around in his business! Also, Cisco better invent something fast or grab a cold gun or some sort of crazy contraption he invented in order to defend himself because Wells is the Reverse-Flash and he’s probably angry. He doesn’t like people knowing his secrets and tends to try and kill or get rid of anyone who gets in his way. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, DUDE! 

Dr. Wells FINALLY revealed that he’s not the man they thought he was. He can walk. He is Eobard Thawne and the Reverse-Flash. He is a “distant relative” to Eddie. Wells can create afterimage doubles of himself. He was there the night Barry’s mom died and Nora’s death was an accident. He really meant to kill Barry that night! And Barry’s speed will, somehow, help him return to his own time because he’s been stuck in this time period for 15 years!

Why did/does he want to kill Barry? Where is he from? The future? The past? And how far away in time is he from?! A few years? Or an entirely different era? When can we start calling him Professor Zoom? How does Eddie factor into all of this? I bet you any money that there’s more secrets about Eddie and the Eddie/Wells relationship that have yet to be revealed. Like maybe Eddie’s working with Wells or has his own powers. Or maybe, because he’s a distant relative to Wells, they will work together or Eddie will be another Reverse-Flash? So many questions!


They have to bring Cisco back. They wouldn’t just kill him. He’s one of the most beloved characters on the show! Maybe Barry will figure out time travel and use his speed to go back in time to save Cisco!! I refuse to accept that Cisco is permanently dead. Barry will save him somehow.


Barry ran so fast to stop the tsunami that he went back in time to the night he thought he saw himself days ago. BARRY CAN TRAVEL THROUGH TIME NOW!

How’s he gonna get back?! Will he figure out how to successfully time travel? Will he save Cisco and Joe and Iris and the city (And maybe even Captain Singh)?! Will he stop Weather Wizard and Dr. Wells? How will Iris react to Barry keeping the fact that he’s The Flash a secret all this time?! 

Will Barry messing with the past mess with the future?! 

For example, say Barry stops Weather Wizard before the future timeline comes to fruition, does that mean the whole ‘Barry and Iris kissing/Barry revealing he’s The Flash’ scene will be negated and not happen in the new future because he stopped Weather Wizard before he could kidnap Joe and create the tsunami?

If Barry changes the past (i.e. saves the people he loves and stops his villains), it could alter the timeline, create new versions of the future, and possibly cause serious, negative consequences for Barry in the future…

My head is spinning. I need to lie down.

Side Note: I love the multiple connotations of the episode title, “Out of Time.” Barry is definitely out of his own time period after time traveling to the past. Wells is a man-out-of-time because he’s stuck in a different time/era. And Barry is running out of time to save everyone he cares about.

This is definitely my favorite episode of The Flash, thus far!

Action. Good, Complex Villains. Romance. Plot twists. Suspense. And Fantastic Cliffhangers. 

I love how any other show would probably have made this episode the Season Finale, but The Flash is like, ‘Nah. Thanks for waiting through a month-long hiatus, fans. Here’s the coolest episode ever. Oh, and we still have a handful of episodes left until the end of the season. You’re welcome.’

SO excited for the rest of this season of The Flash!