The Flash Live Blog: “All Star Team Up”

Flash, Eddie and Joe teaming up to keep the streets of Central City clean is my new favorite thing. They’re all so adorable fighting crime together.

Also, you gotta love sassy Barry after arresting that indecent exposure guy.

This week’s villain: Killer Bees

Ray and Felicity are in Central City with the A.T.O.M. suit! This should be fun!

Ray: I can’t quite seem to keep it up.
Felicity: He means the suit! I can attest that everything else works just fine.

Barry is all of us…

Eddie is a terrible liar and Iris is getting suspicious that he is keeping secrets from her. Everyone just tell her already!!!!!

Eddie: Keeping secrets is really affecting our relationship. We haven’t had sex in like two weeks…

Dude, you do realize you are talking to Iris’ dad…about your sex life with Iris. Idiot. 

Eddie: Wow. So everyone knows but Iris? 

Seriously. Tell Iris, dammit…

She’s going to be so mad at all of you when she finds out that everyone knew and has been lying to her. And then, knowing her tenacious spirit, she’ll probably go out just despite all of you to investigate the Wells story herself or do something stupid and get herself maimed or worse killed.

Whoa! Did Cisco just remember his conversation with Wells and his death from the alternate timeline that technically doesn’t exist anymore?

Does this mean Iris might remember the kiss between her and Barry?!

Barry’s going after Bree and her bees!

Felicity: Bee careful!

Barry was attacked and went into cardiac arrest!!

But, was saved by a defibrillator in his suit that could be controlled wirelessly by Cisco and Caitlin.

Because there just happened to be a defibrillator in the suit? How convenient. *sarcasm* 

Seriously, what can’t the suit do, Cisco?

This Iris/Eddie/Felicity/Ray/Barry dinner date is gettin’ real awkward. Especially for poor Barry.

Did Iris and Eddie just break up? I’m mean I kinda like them together and I like Eddie. (Even though I’m a little suspicious of him sometimes.) But, the diehard Westallen-er in me is sorta happy that we’re one step closer to Iris and Barry. 

Nooooo! Barry is doubting Caitlin and Cisco’s loyalty to him and vice versa.

I love Barry and Felicity’s friendship. They always help each other and give each other good advice.

Barry went out of his way to help Iris and Eddie with their relationship because he knows it makes Iris happy. Plus, he knows it is his secret that is driving the two of them apart.

But, Iris sees it as him doing something kind for her sake. You can see her having a little dawning realization about how much Barry cares for her and her own love for Barry, just like she did last time when she talked to Linda before Barry altered the universe.

Don’t go back in time and screw it up again, Barry!

Felicity: It’s like I’m dating Barry in Oliver’s body.

Felicity vs. her “first nemesis” Bree 

Give it up, Bree. No one can hack and computer program like Felicity.

Ray and Cisco are making up names for the villains, pal-ing around with one another, and fighting crime.

And then Cisco took a bee for Ray!

To save Cisco from the bee sting, Barry used himself as a human defibrillator!

Barry: Thank you for the advice.
Felicity: I won’t even charge you the five cents.

Damn. Eddie let Iris break up with him, even though he loves her, in order to protect Barry’s secret and keep Iris safe.

I still think there’s a simple solution to all this…


Barry, Joe, Cisco, and Caitlin formed the He-Man-Dr.-Wells-Haters club.

Also, did anyone notice the commercials for allergic-reaction-EpiPens during the BEE episode of The Flash?

Until next week, speedsters!