The Flash: Flash of Two Worlds

So, the wormhole Barry opened in order to time-travel opened 52 portals linking Barry’s world and Jay’s world (i.e. Earth 1 and Earth 2). 

And now Atom Smasher and Sand Demon and other metahumans are being sent through by Zoom to kill Barry, ensuring Zoom is the greatest speedster ever.

Me: *thinking Zoom is just the parallel universe mirror of Dr. Wells/Reverse Flash*

Jay Garrick: “Zoom is an unstoppable demon with the face of death.”

Joe: I’m gonna be honest, here. I don’t understand what the hell any of you are talking about.

Cisco: So, Jay is saying he’s from a mirror world or a parallel universe that’s very similar to ours.

Professor Stein: Multi-verse would be a more apt description. 

Joe: Nope. Not helping. 

Cisco: Bless your heart. 

Jay: I wanna help you, Barry, not harm you. 

Barry: You’re not the first person that’s said that to me.

I know you’re still bitter and jaded from your experience with Wells, Barry. But, you gotta let people back in. Especially, Jay! Jay is good and so cool! Where’s the happy, silly Barry we know and love? Cause all I’m seeing is stubborn, jealous, rigid Barry.

Turn that frown upside down, Bar-bear!

Caitlin on Jay: “He’s certainly in the physical specimen range.”

Cisco and Professor Stein’s bromance makes my heart happy!

Patty Spivot is a total science nerd and Barry fangirl! They were so adorable geeking out over Monty Python! 

I’m still totally a die-hard WestAllen fan, but 1) You can’t rush true love (I’m in it for the long-haul, friends-first, slow-burn, comics-endgame relationship) and 2) Iris is still grieving Eddie (If Barry and Iris started something now, it wouldn’t be right). 

So, I think Patty is a fun filler chapter in Barry’s life. Although, I can’t decide what I like more…Barry and Patty as a couple or Barry and Patty as dorky nerd friends who make awesome pop culture references and geek out together.


Iris calling out Barry on his trust issues…

Cisco had another vision!! Don’t be afraid of it, dude! Embrace it!!

Barry can hurl lightning?!

IRIS’ MOM?! I smell a Wally West plot-line!

Cisco: “I get a VIBE, a vision of something about to happen.”