The Flash: Family of Rogues

Barry ran all the way from his lab to catch Iris who was falling stories from a skyscraper after she jumped out a window to get away from bad guys. And it was pretty badass…

Iris’ mom is alive.

Iris’ mom was a drug addict who left them.

Joe lied and told Iris that her mom died because he wanted to make sure Iris had a pure, untainted image of her mom and he didn’t want Iris to think that she was abandoned or unloved. Joe lying to her all these years is kind of messed up, but he had good reasons and his heart was in the right place. He put aside all his hurt feelings about his wife, told Iris wonderful stories about her, and continued to wear his ring…All to protect Iris. I mean, how can you fault him for that? Plus, he felt terrible about it and started crying. And when Joe cries, we all cry. It’s OK Joe. We can’t stay mad at you. We forgive you!

First, Flash Day and now Barry has a coffee named after him?!

Snart, aka Captain Cold is forced to work with his dad in order to save his sister, the one thing he cares about. Lewis, their dad, wants Snart to help with a robbery or else he will trigger the bomb he placed in Lisa’s head and kill her. Let me say that again: He put a bomb in his daughter’s head!

Never thought I’d say this but Captain Cold is actually a pretty decent guy compared to his father. He may be a robber, but he has principles.

Lewis is an abusive, twisted murderer. 

But, I have a feeling that’s the last we’ll be seeing of Lewis considering Snart zapped him through the heart with his cold gun and killed him, landing himself in jail.

Maybe his time in jail and Lisa’s time on her own will straighten them out and they’ll turn over a new leaf.

Also, Cold didn’t stop Lewis alone. He had a little help from Barry and tricked his father.

Caitlin: You’re gonna pretend to be a criminal?

Barry: How hard can it be?

Barry caught a speeding bullet. No big deal…

Cisco and Lisa sittin’ in a tree… 

(Is it weird that I totally ship it?) 

Jay and Caitlin stabilized the wormhole in the basement of STAR Labs to create a channel to travel through between Earth-1 and Earth-2.

Something’s happening to Professor Stein. He flames on like FIRESTORM, but the flames are blue and he keeps passing out. 

We already lost Ronnie! We can’t lose our precious, adorable, wise mentor, too.

Dr. Wells walked through the portal.