The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz 2015 Just Totally Made My Day!

Every year I look forward to the annual Big Fat Quiz for a few laughs from some of my favorite British comedians.

Some years it’s awesome; some years it sucks. 

After last year’s terrible show with Mel B, I have to say, this year TOTALLY made up for it!

It was AMAZING! 

Best Moments?

  • Russell Brand being confused as to why the questions are from 10 years worth of history and realizing that it is the “anniversary” show and not just a quiz of the past year.
  • Everyone’s favorite Goth Detectives (Russell Brand and Noel Fielding) creating total anarchy and mayhem, per usual.

  • Jimmy Carr realizing that Russell and Noel were cheating the entire time by texting audience members and then taking away their phones.

  • Chris the Fly.
  • Jonathan Ross and Warwick Davis being adorable and the only two taking the quiz seriously.
  • Jack Whitehall hysterical as always. (Especially with his Jonathan Ross impersonation…)
  • Jack Whitehall turning into a 14-year-old girl while texting Chico (“I’ll wait a minute. I don’t want to seem eager.”) and then emitting a high-pitched girly squeal after finally receiving a text back.
  • Jack Whitehall’s intense devotion to James Blunt.
  • A Dalek coming out to read the last round of questions! (Carr:”He’s on 8 out of 10 Cats next week!” Dalek: “I WILL EXTERMINATE ALL THE CATS!”)