'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' Theory

So, I was watching the ‘Age of Ultron’ trailer and the funny ‘Hammertime Party’ scene again…

They quickly flash in the trailer to show the hand of one of our heroes, fallen, with Cap’s “Vibranium-strongest-metal-ever” shield laying next to this Avenger, cracked in half.

At first glance, one might mistake the hand as Captain America’s. But, I stopped the trailer and took a screenshot. 

I realized that the superhero’s hand doesn’t have a glove, like Cap normally does, and has armor and a red cape…Thor!

So, then that got me thinking about that “You are all not worthy”-lifting-Mjolnir-hang-out scene.

As a writer, I always think of why certain scenes are included in movies and TV, especially if they are based off of books or comic book series.

Usually, scenes that aren’t pertinent to advancing the main plot in a film are used for comic relief or to promote a side romantic/friendship/relationship plot.

While the party clip was hilarious, added a silly element to the movie, and humanized our favorite gang of superheroes, I think it’s important to note that most scenes and details included by directors are done purposefully, not just willy nilly.

The key foreshadowing element to take away from this comedic scene, in my opinion, is the fact that Cap was able to nudge Thor’s hammer. I think this is telling of an important aspect to an inevitable epic, end, battle scene.

Ultron, from the comics, rumors, and spoilers, seems to be an incredibly lethal and dangerous villain that seriously kicks the Avengers’ butts.

When the chips are down, I believe that all the other Avengers will be injured or fallen, except for Cap.

Cap’s shield is destroyed and Thor is down for the count, so Cap will go to pick up Mjolnir, as he tried to earlier in the movie.

With Thor, the worthy one, unconscious and Cap (Already a good, moral man and hero…) just trying to save his friends from Ultron, and not win a ridiculous competition among friends, will be considered worthy and be able to lift the hammer to take down Ultron.

Just a theory. 

What do you think? What are your theories?