The 200th episode aka 'How Your Mother Met Me'

Tonight’s How I Met Your Mother was LEGENDARY!

It was so awesome to see how many times The Mother and Ted’s paths crossed over the years, and all the cool details and throwbacks…the yellow umbrella, The Mother’s lesbian roommate, the bass guitar, Ted’s ‘perfect woman’ description, The Mother being in Ted’s class, The Naked Man, Barney’s come-ons and St Patrick’s Day, the shellfish joke, Ted in the green dress, Puzzles, just passing one another in MacLaren’s Pub…

And The Mother kept talking about how she thinks she’ll never fall in love again, but then, Pop! Goes ALL of our hearts! …Because we know she will when she meets Ted!

And when she sang La Vie En Rose…I’m crying!!

I just fall more and more in love with The Mother with every passing episode! (Also, Cristin Milioti is sheer perfection.)

In summary, I just want to see them meet and fall in love, but at the same time I don’t want the HIMYM magic to end!