Taylor Swift’s new song ‘Out of the Woods' is stellar!

I’m absolutely in love.

It has a synth, echo-y, sad, ethereal quality that I really dig.

Very Madonna/Bangles/Cyndi Lauper/Bonnie Tyler/Eurythmics…You can tell she was inspired by the 80s.

I really hope Taylor does a music video for the song!

She posted an Instagram photo, seen above, in anticipation of the single dropping last night and I think a video with the same sort of feel as this photo would be absolutely amazing.

I can totally picture her running through a dark, foggy forest.

Maybe swinging on a swing-set in the trees at one point.

Strobe lights, timed with the drum beats of the song, that distort the nature/fog and make everything seem shadowy, scary, and confusing…to metaphorically represent a wild, crazy, adrenaline-pumping, uneasy, fragile relationship.

Kind of like Snow White in the Haunted Forest…to go along with the “monsters turned out to be just trees” part…

What I’m really trying to say is I want to direct your music video, taylorswift.

I have so many ideas. It would be beautiful…