Taylor Swift’s New Music Video For ‘Style’ Is SO BEAUTIFUL!!

The song may be pop, yet unlike Shake It Off, the video does not denote a light, airy, bubblegum, 80s pop. But rather, a darker and artsy pop.

It’s ethereal, emotional, and sensual. 

I love the dynamic setting changes from sunny-happy-playful scenes on the beach to foggy-unsure-moody scenes in the woods. (Metaphors for love and heartbreak!!)

It takes the audience through an emotional roller-coaster, incapsulating all the feelings one might experience in different stages of an on-again, off-again relationship: thrill, excitement, happiness, sadness, anxiety, loss, confusion, lust, love, heartbreak, forgiveness…

And I LOVE her outfits in the music video. (Seriously, can I just have your entire closet, Taylor? Pretty please, with kittens and fresh-baked cookies on top!) There seems to be a white theme to her ensembles, which I think brings a youthful innocence to the video, balancing out its sexier, sensual side. 

Things that I especially liked:

  • That rock formation that fits the shape of her head…What is this sorcery?! So cool!
  • The lighting and those amazing special effects that overlay footage of Taylor, nature scenes, and Dominic Sherwood, the hunky leading male.
  • All the SWEET smoke and rain and lightning.
  • The mirror shards bit!
  • That red lip classic thing…