Hello, My Fashionistas!

I don’t know about you, but I have always had trouble getting curls to stay.

I have super thick, dry, frizzy, curly hair. I’ve tried wearing it natural with product in it to embrace my beautiful curls, but my natural curls aren’t as prominent/defined and after a while my hair just ends up looking flat, poofy, and wild.

Seriously, when my hair fully dries after a shower, I look like I have a frizzy fro. I’ve just accepted the fact that I won’t have a naturally perfect head of ringlets like T. Swift.

After trying dozens of products, curler sets, and curling irons with no luck, I mostly subjugated myself to straightening my hair.


For Christmas, my mom gave me a brand new set of hot rollers. And they changed…EVERYTHING.

They’re by a brand called Calista Tools. My set is an adorable aqua/mint color and all sets come with a carrying case and 12 clips to hold the curlers in place.

What’s so great about them is that they are very tall/long curlers and the heating element is built inside the rollers.

This is perfect for my thick and crazy hair for a few reasons. The barrels allow my hair to spread out and the combing teeth flatten out and de-tangle my hair, creating perfect soft curls that last days. The rollers stay hot longer because the heating element is built inside the barrel. And, somehow, the hot rollers make my hair shinier?! I’m not even sure how. Magic!

A few curling tips with this Calista Tools set:

-If you have crazy hair like mine, you’ll want to buy the long-set and use the high heat setting.

-Clean hair. I have got the best results when I curl the hair the same day I wash it.

-I’ve found that piecing out sections of my hair and spraying with a styling spray (My favorite is this spray by Bumble and Bumble.) before putting the hair into the roller really defines the curls and helps them to last.

If you have tough-to-curl hair, I would highly recommend checking out this set of hot rollers. The curls it produces are flawless. I’m so excited to have curling equipment that works for me!

So, hopefully, if you have my similar problems, maybe these curlers can work for you too!

If you STILL don’t believe me, check out my results:


Keep Calm and Fashion On, Ladies!