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As the summer comes to a close, I always find myself in a cleaning/organizing mode. Spring cleaning is not just for spring anymore!

I’m about to start my last year of college in a week or so…It’s time to start packing the summer clothes away, doing laundry, and making sure everything is ready to have a great start to my final year of university.

But, Jillian! How do I keep my closet and bathroom from becoming an overflowing mess during the craziness of the year?!

Between work, classes, sorority events, volunteering, extra-curriculuars, I know how insane life can get. But, if you get organized, make a conscious effort to stay organized and take a second to put something back in its place after using it, I assure you it will make your life 10 times easier!

Here are some of my tips for getting started!

1. Color coordinate your clothing. First of all, color coordinating assures that you wake up every morning greeted with a refreshing, beautiful sight…It’s like having a Charming Charlie in your closet! Also, it’s been proven in the field of psychology that the colors you wear can affect your mood, whether you have a yellowy bright disposition that day, want to mellow out with a little blue or purple, or energize yourself with some red pizazz. Color sorting helps you to better remember what pieces you have in your wardrobe. This allows for more efficient, fashion-forward outfit picking during the busy weeks AND you can figure out the clothes you don’t have, to better fill in the gaps on your next shopping trip.

2. Get organized with shelves/compartments for your shoes, cabinets for jewelry and see-through drawers for your purses.  There’s the old saying “out of sight out of mind.” If there are knots in your favorite necklace or your fiercest pair of heels are at the bottom of small mountain of shoes in your closet, what are the odds you’re going to wear them? Having everything out in front of your face makes outfit pairing so much more fun!

3. Now we can’t talk fashion without also mentioning make-up products and beauty washroom secrets. Do you have a tiny bathroom? Does it feel like there’s never enough counter space for your make-up, straightener, and curling iron? The best way to make the most of your bathroom is to store all of your products, gadgets and equipment in see-through hanging storage on the back of your door.

4. Fold all of your thick sweaters, pants, hoodies & T-shirts, and store them in drawers if you can. This keeps them from being stretched out on hangers, and provides more room in your closet to space out tops and dresses so that they don’t get squished and wrinkled.

5. My last and most important tip is to clean out the clothes your don’t wear anymore. A great time to do this is after every season. For example, now that it’s starting to cool off and turn into sweater weather, pull out all of your summer clothes. Ask yourself, which pieces in this pile did I not wear this past summer season because they were out of style, too tight, or seem worn/stretched out. Pull out all the clothing that fits this description, and get rid of it. Also, remember to replace worn out wardrobe staples like jeans, leggings, undershirts, etc.

Have fun cleaning and getting organized!

And Remember…Keep Calm and Fashion On!