Well, it is officially August. In another month, the air will become crisper, the leaves crunchier, and the clothing warmer.

Now anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE the season of fall and fall fashion…the “sweater weather”…the runway shows of Paris, Milan, and New York City.

But, before grabbing that blanket, the bench by your favorite soon-to-be-golden autumnal tree, or curling up with a good book and a warm cup of tea…FREEZE!

There’s still a little bit of summer left to be had!

Many question their fashion choices as the summer comes to an end and we begin to tread that line between Summer Nights and Autumn Leaves.

Pictured above are some big Summer/Fall 2013 fashion trends: 

  • Pieces with Sheer Detailing
  • Pale Colored Leather Bomber/Crop Jackets
  • Items with Floral Prints
  • Menswear-Inspired, Blazers and Capri-Rolled/Cropped Trousers

These fashion pieces mix the heavy threads of fall with the delicate, airy feel of summer extremely well.

I think anyone who adds these picks to their closet will help ease the forthcoming transition of seasons, and spice up that wardrobe!

Happy August!!

And remember…Keep Calm and Fashion On!