Style Sunday: VMAs Best and Worst Dressed


Vanessa Hudgens in Naeem Kahn-

Vanessa is an ethereal goddess in this dress. Somebody gimme shelter from all the feels this fabulous look is giving me.

Hailee Steinfeld in Stella McCartney- 

Chic and sophisticated. Hailee should definitely be loving herself for picking such a fantastic, fashion-forward outfit.

Tori Kelly-

This lacy romper with legs-for-days to match is giving me an unbreakable smile.

Nicki Minaj in Labourjoisie-

Channeling her inner Queen Cleopatra, Nicki was looking va va voom.

Taylor Swift in Ashish-

Fresh, fun, and comfy. The metallic, fabletics outfit, that is totally on trend this season, paired with to die for shoes proves once again that Taylor never goes out of style.


Miley Cyrus in Versace-

I know the VMAs are supposed to be about dressing crazy and shock value, but Miley looks like the cross between an exotic dancer and a chandelier. And those dreads…Just horrendous. It’s going to take a wrecking ball to destroythat outfit.

Britney Spears in Labourjoisie-

There’s so much going on in this outfit. From the overly squished boobs, to the bare midriff, to the miniskirt bottom…There’s just too much skin. Plus, the style is all wrong…Please stop dressing like it’s 2001, Britney. I have but one word to describe this outfit: Oops.

Kim Kardashian in Balmain-

OK, I realize Kim is pregnant. And I am not knocking her for her weight because that would be cruel, especially since she is growing a human inside her, which is pretty badass. But, seriously, who let her out of the house like this?! There are so many better outfit choices I can think of that would be flattering to Kim’s fuller figure that don’t look like a mix between an army cargo bag and a burlap sack. Imma let you finish, girl, but this is one of your worst outfits of all time.

Kelly Osbourne-

Where do I start? This outfit looks like an black and striped version of those jumpsuits that auto repair shop guys wear when they fix someone’s car. It is over-sized and not at all figure flattering. Someone call the fashion police, because Kelly is under arrest.

Rita Ora in Vera Wang-

Normally I LOVE Vera, but this dress is not flattering on Rita at all. She has too much boob spillage happening on the top of the dress, which looks like a swimsuit, and then she has that weird, Angelina Jolie leg going on at the bottom of the dress, which looks like a giant feather duster. I’m glad the VMAs are over so we can all say R.I.P. to this outfit.