Style Sunday: Grammys 2015 Best and Worst Dressed


1. Taylor Swift- This dark-to-light ombre, turquoise, mullet gown has stunning shape, cutouts, and pleating. It shows off one of Taylor’s best assets, those legs for days! I also love the pop of color with those hot pink heels! Taylor Swift is certainly dressed like a daydream.

2. Jennifer Hudson- This dress is simple and stunning. It fits like a glove and I love that she kept the jewelry and shoes understated. Plus, no one pulls off the pixie hair better than Jennifer. No, no, there’s no way I’m living without this fabulous look!

3. Gwen Stefani- I always love it when people break from tradition when it comes to fashion. Anyone can wear a dress, but Stefani looks bangin’ in this chic jumpsuit! The whole top has an amazing shape and is incredibly intricate and artistic. And the rocker hair gives the whole ensemble an edgy feel. With my head in my hands, I sit and cry…that I’ll never look that cool.

4. Ariana Grande- This white and sparkly, one-shoulder number is sleek, sexy, and unique. One thing I do have to say is that I wish Ariana would stop with the ponytails! She complains that people think she looks like a little kid, and then, she turns around and continues to wear that ponytail. The dress is gorgeous, but the hair? Been there, done that. I couldn’t love this dress any harder.

5. Jessie J-  A floor-length, black, shimmering, sheer, lace-y ensemble. Romantic and classic. I’m not sure what the price tag said, but Jessie looks like a million bucks.


1. Madonna- This Spanish matador meets burlesque dancer outfit is absolutely horrifying. It’s like she took a bunch of different elements from different controversial costumes she owned over the years and sewed them together. In this instance, Madonna, I have to say, you shouldn’t have expressed yourself.

2. Charli XCX- From that pink tie, to all those buttons, to that fur stole, this white tuxedo outfit is just all over the place. And her ruffled top looks like the 70s threw up. If this is what breaking the rules looks like, I think I’ll stay in school.

3. Ciara- Gah! It’s like attack of the tool! This dress looks like the black-shimmery twin of Maya Rudolph’s character’s wedding dress in Bridesmaids. I bet her friends thought this was high-fashion and that’s why no one talked her out of this.

4. Kim Kardashian- This looks like a gold-metallic, glittery, oversized, male bathrobe. Her boobs are too in-your-face and the bottom slit so high that it’s in the va-jay-jay flashing zone. Just terrible. Did Kanye dress her?

5. Rihanna- I love me some RiRi. She’s A-mazing! And I know quite a few people liked her dress, but this poofy, Pepto-Bismol pink, quinceañera, monstrosity looks like it’s about to eat her. She has such an amazing body and this dress was a disappointment, in my opinion. I sure hope she doesn’t let this gown stay in her closet.