1.  Kate Hudson-  VA VA VOOM! Vivacious, sparkling, and classic. She kept her hair, accessories, and make-up simple to accentuate the gown. Kate stunned in a dress that perfectly shows off her curvaceousness and beauty. An angel in white, she looks like a little bit of heaven.

2.  Anna Kendrick-  So light, airy, and feminine. I love the detailed ruby beading with the matching simple earrings. She looks like a beautiful, sparkly cloud up in the air.

3.  Emma Stone-  Shaking things up on the carpet, Emma Stone rocked this diamond bejeweled jumpsuit. I’m absolutely in crazy, stupid, love with her fresh, girl next door, edge-y style.

4.  Jessica Chastain-  This perfectly fitted, gold metallic, pleated dress and her old-Hollywood styled curls make one knockout combination. Jessica doesn’t need any help with her stellar fashion sense.

5.  Allison Williams-  Gorgeous layer after layer of red-beaded beauty. Pure elegance. Timeless and magical, as if we’ve journeyed into Never-Neverland.


1.  Keira Knightley-  Keira said, “I think it took something like 30 people to create this dress.” To which I say, “Not one of them stopped you?!” You may take pride in this dress, Keira, but I’m going to have to be prejudiced. This Laura Ingalls, entomology-project-gone-sour gown is such a dreadful choice for such a beautiful woman.

2.  Lena Dunham-  This boxy, un-tailored, wrinkled red satin dress is terribly unflattering and contrasts too much with Lena’s pale skin and dark hair. None of the girls will be borrowing this dress from her wardrobe. 

3.  Kristen Wiig-  Gilly? What were you thinking? This dress looks like Kristen pulled a Carol Burnett and ripped down satin curtains from her bed posts.

4.  Kerry Washington-  Olivia Pope’s closet would have cringed at this mix between some kind of stiff, tented, Renaissance crinoline and that strange Mesopotamia-Egyptian, snake scale, metallic pink, torso armor and front flap.  

5.  Claire Danes-  Normally so classic and stunning, Claire shocked me with this busy, loud, patterned dress. The colors are absolutely drab and she was overly accessorized. I think she conducted an unauthorized operation in fashion and should be put on probation.