STYLE SUNDAY: Fall/Winter Fashion and Beauty Tips

It’s officially October. The leaves are starting to change color and fall. The air is much colder and crisper.

And this means that it’s time to get ready for the changing seasons.

Here are some Fall/Winter fashion and beauty life hacks that I think everyone should know:

1. Don’t pack away your summer-type dresses just because fall is now here. Add some tights or leggings, throw on a colorful cardigan, put on some cute boots and BAM! Fall outfit.

2. To save yourself time, only shave your legs just up past the knee because let’s be real you’ll be wearing pants most of the time during fall anyways and when your not you’ll have on knee-length dresses and skirts. On second thought, once it gets to a certain level of cold just give up all together because you’re going to be wearing tights and leggings and pants. So why bother.

3. Don’t even think about wearing a ridiculous George Costanza puffy coat. Instead I would opt for a Marty McFly puffy life jacket vest.

4. Layers. Layers. Layers. 

5. Is your favorite sweater all pill-y? Take a cheap, disposable razor (that doesn’t have soap/lotion strips) and go over the sweater with it. Voila! Instant Smooth Sweater.

6. I don’t know about you but I love adorable knit caps. But, there’s nothing worst than getting inside, taking it off, and having your hair stand on end like you just touched a static ball at the science museum on your fourth grade field trip. My advice is hairspray. Spray your hair and the inside of your hat before putting it on, so when you take it off all your hair needs is a good fluff and you’re back in business.

7. Are all your tall boots saggy, loosing their shape, and making a mess in your closet? Go buy one or two cheap pool noodles, cut them into little pieces and stick them into your boots to keep them standing tall.

8. Fall can be a very wet season sometimes. Every once and a while you get caught in a storm without rain boots, which can only mean one thing: Soggy Sneakers. A good tip is to stuff old newspapers into your shoes tightly. Come back after a few hours and replace the soggy paper. Do this until you hit dry shoe.

9. Cut out wool shoe inserts and stuff them into your rain boots for insulation to keep your feet warm.

10. Chap-stick is great for your lips. But, it’s also perfect for easy application to the cracked skin on knuckles and cuticles that everyone gets when the weather gets colder and drier. Just make sure you don’t mix up your chap-sticks. You don’t want to go to soften your lips and end up using your germ-y, flu-ridden, hand chap-stick tube.

11. Take short, lukewarm showers. This not only conserves utilities which is good environmentally and fiscally, but it gives your skin less of an opportunity to dry out.

12. Use moisturizer with sunscreen on your face. It may be winter, but the sun still emits harmful rays. Plus, if your face is protected and moisturized it cuts down on windburn for those blustery days.

13. With clean hands, rub your make-up tubes (concealer and mascara) and eyeliner pencil tips before applying. They can get stiff and clumpy in colder weather and this makes them easier to apply.

14. Put lotion on your hands and feet before bed at night and then put on clean, cotton gloves and socks. Leave them on all night and you’ll have baby soft hands and feet by morning.

15. Don’t be afraid to embrace the mixture of fall tones in your wardrobe. Red, Rust, Orange, Brown, Tan/Camel, Maroon, Mustard and Hunter Green. (Especially Hunter Green! Hunter Green is very IN this Fall 2014 Season.)  

Happy Fall, My Little Fashionistas!