So…I am a terrible person and…I forgot Fashion Friday!?! How could I forget?! Well…I was rather busy. Forgive me?

I guess we could call today…Style Sunday! Yeah, that works.

I would first like to start out reminding everyone that the Oscars are on tonight and to check out the Oscars pre-show red carpet for the hits and misses in fashion that I am sure we will encounter. Coverage started at 1:30PM ET today on E News on TV…that seems excessive…and the E News live stream starts at 5:30PM.

Secondly, I would like to introduce to you the subject of my pictures…the Outfit of the Week.

As you can see my hair is ultra-straight, which rarely happens, but it’s fun to mix up hair styles from time to time, along with outfits.

To elaborate on what I’m wearing…I love pairing jewel tones together.  I especially think that this vibrant violet with the turquoise-y/teal cropped blazer look fantastic together.  Rather than button the blazer, because it is short and tailored, I left it hang open to reveal the detailed buttons and pockets of the blouse beneath.

The skirt is a wonderfully, unconventional piece that I found on sale at a boutique near campus that sells eclectic and unique women’s clothing, and accessories that are locally made.  The best parts about the skirt is… 1) It is made of a spandex-ish material.  This is fantastic because I have fairly normal hips, but my abdominal area/waist is extremely small.  In the past I’ve found that pencil shaped skirts look great on me, but when I pull it up to be higher waisted, there is always so much fabric that bunches up around my stomach, and it looks strange.  Because this is so form-fitting, it totally doesn’t do that!! Score!! Also…2) The detailing on the back with the exposed, copper-colored zipper looks fantastic.

I paired the outfit with my black tights…my knee-high, round-toe, high-heel leather boots…and slate gray accessories to match the skirt—including my muted silver owl necklace…

…and my favorite part, my Good Works metallic, wrap-around bracelet that provides the inspirational phrases, “Make a difference” “Plant Peace” “Live in Unity” “Freedom” “Accept Diversity” “Speak kindness” “Lead the Way” “Be Aware” “Give Back” Seek Wisdom” “Come Together” “Truth” “Forgive” “Strength” “Courage” “Dream” “Believe” “Faith” and “Sow Love.” 

It’s awesome because I am not only inspired while wearing this, but I am also reminded that my fashion choice also contributed to charity. So I’m doing good, having fun, and looking good all at the same time! It’s a win-win!

To learn more about Good Works and how you can be fashionable while also giving back visit their website here and read their mission statement below.

“Good Work(s) donates 25% of net profits to charitable causes. Help us spread acts of kindness! Because together, we can do good— and doing GOOD always WORK(s). Good Work(s) Make a Difference® aims at helping foster underprivileged communities through acts of volunteerism, charity, and advocacy. Our company works diligently to continue its persistent efforts towards serving a wide range of in-need groups in 2013 through a litany of ambitious programs, events, and campaigns. Throughout its history, the team at Good Work(s) has organized the furnishing of 117 homes in collaboration with local non-profit PATH Ventures, worked with Por La Infancia in Mexico to renovate an aging orphanage, and provided holiday gifts for underpriveledged students in the Los Angeles Area, among other projects. Good Work(s) has also developed close ties with charitable organizations like Children Uniting Nations, Hands For Hope, Breast Cancer Society, Rally For Kids, Toys For Tots, United Way New Orleans, Jenesse, Women Heart, Peace Wind Japan, Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation, Samsung Hope For Children, and more. Our team is committed to delivering fashion-forward merchandise that encourages individuals to be socially conscious and inspires them to devote themselves to giving back to their communities. Fashion with purpose. Join the Movement. Empower ONE.  A modern gal’s reminder of faith, love and reasons to believe while giving back to the underprivileged.