Snow, you and me, we're done.

I am normally the champion of snow.

I LOVE SNOW! I love everything about it.

I love sledding, frolicking, and making snow angels in it. I love shaking snow globes and waking up to snow days. I love making snowmen and even shoveling.

It’s beautiful and magical.

Wonderful things have happened when it snows.

But, this winter has been snow and ice storms one right after the other…negative temperatures…polar vortexes…and negative effects on cars, homes, and daily life activities.

So, right at this current moment, I am Lorelei Gilmore. (See Gilmore Girls clip above)

Winter and Snow, we are through. Finito. End of discussion. 

We’ve had some good times. So much fun before Thanksgiving and Christmas….and during the holiday season it was lovely.

But, stop.

I am Gretchen Wieners. You are Regina George wearing sweatpants. And it’s Monday. 

You Can’t Sit With Us!

I am your designated driver, and you are my drunken friend who’s had way too many.

Stop! You’re Cut Off!

In summary, we’re done. You can go away now. I’ll see you next winter when my love for you has been restored.

…Spring can’t come soon enough.