SMASH! ...The Battle for Marilyn Continues...


That’s right everyone…SMASH has officially returned for a second season after a fabulous two-hour premiere last night.  If you’re a musical-loving soul like myself, I’m sure you were glued to your screen.

The episode was filled with plot twists and turns, and new challenges facing Bombshell as it struggles to make it in the NYC Broadway scene.

Looks like the show is back and will be better than ever this season…with more heartache, triumph, drama, your favorite characters, beautiful music numbers, cinematography, and costuming.

Plus…a few new guest stars, including the likes of Liza Minnelli and Jennifer Hudson.


When and where can we actually see Bombshell, The New Marilyn Musical, in full?

I don’t know about anyone else…but I’m waiting for it to hit the NYC stage in real life. 

Don’t agree? Check out some of the musical numbers from Season One and the newest song addition from last night’s Season 2 premiere, “They Just Keep Moving the Line.”

 Listen to them yourself…and then get back to me…