Can I just take this moment to express how incredible SMASH was last night?

Derek was his crazy, yelling British-self, as per usual…but I just think he was excessively funny last night.

Tom…wonderful as always.

Julia has officially hit inspiration gold and is writing Bombshell in a completely different direction, by writing Marilyn from the perspective of how she was always portrayed…through the men in her life.  Is anyone as excited as I am about all the new Marilyn scenes and musical numbers that you know are going to come of this?!?!

Poor Eileen…sacrificing herself for Bombshell and giving it over to producer and ex-husband, Jerry. Who apparently has been doing some dirty dealings, per the last scene of the episode…can’t wait to see what comes of that.

Kyle and Jimmy finally got their big break, when Veronica Moore sang their song during a stage performance that was broadcast nationally!

Jimmy and Karen kissed?! Wonder what’s going to happen with her and Derek!

Ivy and Karen…forever have the most beautiful and stunning voices…

AND…Veronica Moore (aka Jennifer Hudson)…MIND-BLOWING PERFECTION!!!!