I think Jon Snow had a good ending.

He’s never wanted to be a king or a leader. He was at his happiest when he was exploring off on his own, adventuring up in what Tormund would call “true north” with the free folk, and having fun with Ygritte.

Some people are saying they we’re confused and that his story seemed open-ended, but I think it was pretty clear. The way he looks back at the gate closing before heading up north with Tormund. He even gives the camera a little Sansa smirk. 

I think we’re supposed to believe that, with time having passed and Greyworm and his crew across the sea in Naarth, no one was there to keeps tabs that he actually stayed at Castle Black with the Night’s Watch. I think his homies in the north just told him, ‘Go live beyond the wall. We won’t tell anyone. Be free and happy.’

Plus, Jon was reunited with his very good boy, Ghost!!