Please Like Me Season 3

I finally got to finish watching Season 3 of Please Like Me. And I have to say, as someone who’s been following the show since Season 1, I think this is the best season yet!

The writing, especially, has been SO good! 

My favorite episodes this season have to be ‘Natural Spring Water’ and ‘Christmas Trifle.’ 

For anyone who has never seen the Please Like Me, I highly recommend it. 

It’s one of the best shows on television right now, in my opinion.

Please Like Me is a fantastic Australian sitcom that is hilarious, dark, quirky, and awkward, all at the same time. It tackles mental illness in a way no other show has, along with a range of other issues, such as relationships, friendships, family…etc. 

I also think that, for twenty-somethings in the pre-adulting, no-money, little-job-prospects, learning-to-adult phase of their life, the show is incredibly relatable without taking itself too seriously. I think many books, movies, and TV shows that are described as the “voice of this generation” tend to have characters that are incredibly self-centered, annoying, whiny, and entitled. While the characters in Please Like Me are self-indulgent, at the same time they viciously mock themselves and each other and are very real, likable characters.

If you are a lover of food and cooking, like myself, I think you will also really love this show because the main character, Josh, is a great cook who owns his own sweets stand and each episode is entitled and themed based upon the food in the episode.

And if you need even more incentive to watch, Josh’s dog, John, is the cutest little fluff-ball ever and makes regular appearances. 

I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the show and that it gets another season. This season ended in a way that was gratifying, but also open ended, which I really enjoyed because life itself is open ended. 

If that ends up being the finale of the show I will be satisfied, but I will be sad to see it go and I will miss the gang and all their shenanigans.