“Welcome everybody. We’re here to take note of the fact that journalism is alive…and well…and feisty, especially at the New York Times”

This film documents a journey inside the New York Times newsroom within the course of one of the most pivotal times for news media and journalism, since Watergate and Wikileaks.  Pushing through the media landscape and the carnage of countless failed, yet world renowned newspapers, the New York Times seems to be unscathed in the new age of technology-driven media.  ”Page One..” follows successful writer-reporters David Carr, Bruce Headlam, Brian Stelter, Tim Arango, and Editor-In-Chief, himself, Bill Keller, and their struggles to keep the paper successful in a time where the written word appears to be a dying art-form.  Yet, above all this seems to stand a portrait of a hopeful and optimistic New York Times, championing over the rest, an American institution…that may have to compete with social media outlets and instant online communication, may struggle in these hard times, may suffer loss, and even have to change the way they communicate with the world, …but one which remains an unbreakable force that doesn’t convey to the public that they’re stopping any time soon.

…witty, cleaver and enthralling, from page one to the end, this movie truly captures the essence of modern day journalism.