Golden Globes

“Only at the Golden Globes do the beautiful people of film rub shoulders with the rat-faced people of television.”

Whether you watched it for the fashion on the Red Carpet pre-show or the nail-biting results of the HFPA’s top in films and TV….Whether you cheered when your favorite person won or were bummed because the movie you liked lost…Whether you flipped simultaneously between the award show and the premiere of Downtown Abbey…No one can dispute the fact that last night’s Golden Globes had moments to remember.

The biggest reason for that being due in part, to the comedy stylings of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.  The hosts of the 70th Golden Globes show brought it to its highest Nielsen rating in six years, growing to an extra 2.8 million viewers over last year’s show.

Whatever your opinion of last night, one fact rings true…these two funny ladies killed it, as always, and for that…we are eternally grateful.