Oliver discovering a dying Thea at their apartment and crying at her bedside...

I knew it! Thea is totally Oliver’s humanity. 

This episode, in my opinion, shows Oliver’s first, true, emotional breakdown. Sure, he’s gotten kind of teary-eyed in the past, but he always shrugs it off. His calm-in-a-crisis, warrior-minded, emotionless, tough exterior always takes over. 

But, this time, when it was his little Speedy dying, we finally see Oliver really just fall apart. It’s interesting to see this rare glimpse into his psyche. 

This season is all about identity. For so long, Oliver has pushed away his emotions and feelings for others and felt like he has to go at it alone. 

I think we will see Oliver truly figure out who he is, realize his purpose, and discover that life isn’t worth living without people to share it with.

The writers are leading us to believe that Oliver will become Ra’s. But, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. And even if it happens, Oliver being part of the League or the next Ra’s, won’t last long. 

1) Because the writers are probably trolling us.

2) Because Ra’s is not the person Oliver is or wants to be. You know it. I know it. Dig knows it. Hell, probably deep down, even Malcolm knows it.

What sets Oliver apart from Ra’s is the fact that he loves other and has friends/teammates who love and protect him.

It’s like in Harry Potter when Harry starts to see similarities between himself and Voldemort, but realizes that he doesn’t have to go down the same path. We all have light and dark within us and it is our choices that make us who we truly are far more than our abilities.