My Reactions to Marvel's 'Agent Carter' Premiere (Episodes 1 & 2)

(…As told through Gilmore Girls gifs/quotes/memes)

Hitting us with the Cap feels right out of the gate!

Howard gettin’ snarky with Congress. Like father like son…

1940s sexual harassment in the workplace at its finest. Misogynistic pigs…

Never walk into an alleyway! Alone! At night! Because someone wrote you a note on a napkin!

Howard: “But, I invented it. So, let’s be real. Of course it works.”

Blonde bombshell…Loving Sassy Undercover Peggy!

Hands off Ms. Carter, you mafia-boss pig..

hahahaha…I can see where robot Jarvis gets his English sensibilities and lack of a sense of humor.

Howard Stark is one cool cat.

Peggy: “I seem to have a habit of loosing people close to me…” STEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVEEEE!

*Peggy is looking in the military files storage house for the Vita-Ray machine. She stumbles upon Steve’s old photo. The Captain America ‘crashing into the ice’ movie footage plays again*

…Are you trying to kill me with the ‘Steve is gone & he and Peggy will never get together’ feels, Marvel?! 

AAAAAA! How did the weird guy survive that fall? Also, it looks like they’ve turned him into a robot and brainwashed him just like Bucky. Is his brain connected to the typewriter? Creepy…

Noooooo!! Don’t “Terminate” Peggy!

Jarvis: “I’m coming with you!”

hahaha…I think she can handle herself, man…Ya nice, Jarvis, but ya simple!

Peggy’s in her sexy, beat-up-the-bad-guys, leather jacket…

Jarvis: “Do you know I’m being shot at!?!?!?”

I love Peggy and Jarvis together. So funny. They make a great crime-fighting team/dynamic duo.


Peggy standing up to the disgusting, rude customer for that adorable waitress.

Is Howard using Peggy?!

HAHAHAHA…That Captain America radio program is hysterical.

Howard’s residence for more “private matters.” We know what you’re talking about Jarvis…*cough*Fondue*cough*

Take the new, fancy digs from Howard, Peggy!

Peggy’s disguised as an angered Dairy Inspector…hahaha

Oh no! Did they get a photo of Agent Carter’s face? Probably just her hair, now that I think about it. But, she’s still gotta get the photos away from those guys…On top of everything else she has to do!

10 in the morning drinking (Tony Stark: “To peace!”)

Sneaky, sneaky, photo stealing. hahaha…Smooth, Peggy. Smooth.

Vita-Ray testing. I love how cool, calm, and collected Peggy is taking down that guy.

Questioning the subject. Wait, what’s the carrot for? How is that useful in the interrogation process?! That’s so random…

The men are beating up a guy for information. “Peggy, you should look away.” hahaha…I think she’s seen and done worse fellas. She’s a badass!

hahaha..The guys are just now getting around to the milk truck lead. I love how Peggy’s two steps ahead every time. Leave it to the woman to do a man’s job for him. Guess she’s not the “little secretary” you all thought she was!

"If only Captain America were here…" The juxtaposition of her beating the crap out of this guy and her “needing to be saved” in the radio drama is just priceless.

Jarvis: “Everything’s fine. The racks of explosives have distracted me from the smell of stale milk.”

Beating up a guy…on the top of a moving milk truck…that’s filled with explosives…while your butler/assistant spy helps your hostage drive. Just another day at the office…

What does that symbol traced in the dirt mean?

Sweet little Jarvis/Peggy moment…Peggy was the woman behind the man that was Steve.

"She’s a slut."

"Just until I get married." hahaha…Those women’s apartment rules are hysterical! What a different time!

Oh No! They found the license plate in the ball of rubble. Hope Jarvis disposed of that car well enough! And I hope he and Peggy know what they’re getting themselves into….