My John Green Appreciation Post

John Green was on Craig Ferguson last night promoting The Fault in Our Stars, one of his many novels. In the immortal words of Craig, “If you haven’t read it, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” (Watch John on The Late Late Show here)

Wasn’t it just yesterday he was a random guy on YouTube, whose only source of brotherly communcation with Hank (minus the “i” because as we all know there is no “I” in Brotherhood…or it was just a typo? We’ll never know…) was through a little 100-some-odd-viewers show, Brotherhood 2.0…back where all the Vlogbrothers madness began..

Jump forward over 6 years:

John is writing amazing literature; published many times over. He and Hank have one of the most successful shows on YouTube.  

Oh Yeah, one more thing…John and Hank played Carnegie Hall.  

Not only that but…John has influenced and inspired thousands, young and old.

Let’s just all take a step back and look how far he’s come.  And think about how the littlest idea, can spark something big.  And how one person can influence the greater good.  And how everyone and everything is essentially connected by the same spirit of humanity.  And how we can spread kindness, and love in our world to make it better.  But, how we’ll never truly rid the world of suck because without pain and suffering we could never truly appreciate all that is good.  Yet, we can try to decrease world suck by being all kinds of awesome, ourselves.

Thank you Mr. Green for helping us all grow and learn everyday. For making us laugh…for teaching me such things as…

…adding “In My Pants” to the ends of book titles…


…replacing all curse words in rap music with British Romantic Poets…

But, most of all, Thanks John…for always being yourself and reminding us all to not forget we’re awesome.

You make myself and many others proud to call ourselves “nerd” and Nerdfighters…and for that good sir we are eternally grateful. 

Congrats on all your achievements as of late. You deserve them, my friend.